siesta key: work and play

some mornings daddy worked.
and tatum needed to work too.
but nights were reserved for play.
and silly faces.


siesta key: ymca

the kids love this place.
little slide, big slide.
they always have so much fun.
tatum was more than ready to go on the big one.
maybe next year baby.

the big kids, including august and en,
all passed the swim test to go off the diving boards.
the boys say they're going off the high dive next year.
you better believe i'll have my camera ready for that!


siesta key: sunsets

we haven't been disappointed by one yet.

siesta key: beach time

we were blessed with really great weather this year.
only one day washed out by rain.
so we soaked up lots of time on the beach.
enjoyed nice smooth, clear waters.
played lots of corn hole.
built sandcastles.
hunted for shells.
pool hopped.
ate crab legs and hot dogs on the beach.
held a fish funeral.
and made lots of new memories!