Boys and Their Toys

What could make a little boy so happy?
His Tonka Truck, of course!

What a cute face!


Night at the Fair

We headed out to the fair to see all the sights! We had a great time, saw lots of friends, and ate corn dogs of course! My cousin, Kyle, had a rooster and a hen in the little critter barn. I must say that they were HUGE. Everyone that passed them by was very impressed.
Taking in the sights. My grandparents have a doormat that reads,
"Some days you step in it, some days you don't."
I guess today was my day!
Who's that pretty girl?
Highlands County's Cattlemen's Sweetheart, Logan Palmer
Kyle's rooster
Kyle's hen
Cope and his rooster with Tessa
Tessa's bunny


Why Buy Toys?

I often wonder why exactly we buy toys. All kids really need is a box and a few things from around the house to stuff in it. August was just as happy as could be when I emptied the box and handed it over for playtime.
To mommy and daddy's room I goand back to the family room

Toys going in

What could we find in there?


Sunday Afternoons

Is there any better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
In charge of the remote Watching Bad News Bears with daddy


Frosty Cold Morning

This morning we woke up to frost on the grass and ice in Blaze's water bowl. August decided he would get warmed up with mom's sweatband. We are getting snuggled up for another cold night. Isn't this weather great?!
Getting ready for a Jane Fonda workout
Ice in Blaze's water bowl


Second Resolution

I put on the running shoes today and started working on my second resolution. We bundled up and headed out. I can't wait until August can say, "go mommy, go!"
Bundled up Cheering for mommy


MLK Day Tradition

It seems we have started a new tradition. For the last few years, we head over to the Livestock Market to visit great granddaddy and see the cows. August had a great time watching the auction, playing in granddaddy's office, and visiting with great grandmomma too!
Going up to see the cows Puppy kisses

Playing ball

Playing in great granddaddy's chair

Riding the horse


Jeep Ridin' and a Redneck Picnic

We went down to the hunting camp to check on food plots. After some jeep riding, we stopped to have a picnic of boiled peanuts and cold beverages. While Travis was hammering into a can, we scared up about 30 turkeys. I guess you could say that the food plots are working!
Jeep ridin'
Hammern' into the peanuts

I just love these wild flowers!

Relaxing under the oaks

Walking with Nonae


Yogurt - Good For Dogs?

August isn't much into eating big people food, but LOVES his yogurt. Mommy decided, after his prompting, that he could do it himself. He had a blast, and Blaze enjoyed herself, too!
Blaze waits patiently, "Will he feed me?"
August does know how to share!

"Can I get a bath?"


Our Favorite Place - Outside

Like every kid I know, August loves playing outside. If we step out of the house for anything, he is trying to get out the door with us. I am so thankful that he hasn't quite figured out how to work the door knobs yet!
"Higher daddy, higher"
Trying to outrun mommy

Riding the lawnmower


A Long, Lazy Day

We spent most of the day in our jammies, just hanging around the house. A long night was ahead of us watching the Gators in the National Championship game. We went over to Bonny and Jared's to watch the game and enjoy some great tailgating food. We finally were able to meet Bryan and Samantha's new little angel, Huntley.

Bed Head

Play time


Watching the game with daddy

Jared & Bonny with the very tired babies

Amy and Eric



NOT Just Another Day in the Woods

This was NOT just another day in the woods. On our third day of camping, August awoke from his nap with a surprise. His eye was swollen shut and very red! We called our favorite doctor in the world, and he was truly a hero. He was going to call us in a Rx for the eye, it was just a matter of finding an open pharmacy in LaBelle. Once we found it (there was only one), they prepared his meds fast and we were on our way. After one dose of ointment, this is what we had.

I must say that it did look better fast, but the picture does not quite do it justice.


New Year - New Resolutions

Every New Year's I have one of the same resolutions - to get healthy. Translation - watch what I am eating (no more holiday treats), lay off the Coke's, and put my running shoes on more often. But my second resolution was to start a blog. So here goes . . .

We spent New Year's day in the woods with family, as we have done for so many years. Of course we ate our black-eyed peas and collard greens too. Our friends, the Cruse's, joined us, and the kids had a great time.

The hunter's heading out
Riding Bailee's 4-wheeler

Shelby - This girl loves the camera!

Hanging out with Gran

Eating goldfish