clicking away

before christmas, my camera was busy clicking away.
helping to the get those perfect pictures for christmas cards.
most of these will look familiar, but i couldn't dare post them before cards were sent out.

the revell's
mom & dad
i also ran out to my grandparent's pasture to snap some early morning pictures.

popped these babies into a frame.
a quick gift for those that already have it all!

to keep myself accountable here's what is still to come:
price family
mary kate
kase and knox's birthday
and mr. jackson.
maybe, just, maybe i'll get my blogging groove back once all caught up!



august has himself a new chore.
and he is very proud of the good job he does!



back when the computer screen was still dead,
we went fishing at this beautiful pond. they sure were ready to catch some fish.
daddy gives a lesson in baiting the hook.
it didn't take long after no fish biting,
that these three wondered off in search of the cows.
but linda wouldn't be skunked.
she caught the only fish of the day.

and if this doesn't scream boy,
i'm not sure what will.


special blanket

you have seen this blanket on my machine before.
it took some time, but i think it was well worth it.a faux chenille.
while working on the "quilting" (sewing all those lines) and hand stitching the binding,
i though to myself a few times: mary kate i love you and never again.
but the more i worked the more i fell in love with it.
and when this beauty came out of the dryer i knew it wouldn't be the last.
some small personalization to finish it.

just perfect for snuggling that precious baby in.

tutorial can be found here and here.
(i varied by squaring up my corners.)


good listener

during the children's sermon on christmas eve,
reverend cameron spoke of how jesus is the christmas season,
and how even our manager scenes should reflect this.
mary, joseph, the wise men, and all the animals should be focused
on that precious miracle in the manger, as should we.after returning from our trip,
(and well over a week later)
i found august's manger scene in his room just like this.
he was making certain that all eyes were on jesus, as should we.


north carolina - horseback riding

e.n. was up first. kinleigh was waiting ever so patiently in the wings.
amazing view.
when it was august's turn:
and i quote, "mama, cowboys don't wear bicycle helmets."
his perfectly good excuse for not riding.
he didn't mind watching though.
and petting this pretty thing.
on the other side of the barn,
there were all kinds of farm animals.
and he didn't mind one bit when they wanted to eat out of his hands.

the kids didn't want to miss sitting on the sleigh.

and i really wish i knew how to photoshop out the tips appreciated sign!


north carolina - snow tubing

august's first time snow tubing was at the very same place i first learned to ski:
the hills of ski scaly.
oh, the memories that came flooding back!

we had a great time and i'll just let the pictures do the talking.