when life gives you apples,

lots and lots of apples,peel, core, chop, spice them up,
throw in the slow cooker all day,
blend until smooth,
and fill freezer jars,
so you can have apple butter anytime you want it.
i didn't can them because quite honestly, i'm scared.
scared of doing it wrong and making somebody sick.
(so, heidi d., next time you can, wanna teach me??
i promise to pay attention in class and be a helpful student.)
find the recipe here.

and because i think this little one was too cute eating breakfast at camp--



august doesn't eat much.
he sure does know how to munch on a sucker and chill though.

i finished my first quilt for craft hope.
it's not that exciting, but a an easy first quilt.
maybe now i will learn how to really "quilt" and not just "tie the knot."
i can't wait to see what the next craft hope project will be.

after mailing off my quilt, august and i saw this going down the road.
can you guess what that is on the back of that motorcycle?
it sure did make me laugh.

on monday we stopped by to visit at the cattle market.
august got a hold of the camera and had the best time snapping some shots of granddaddy.
once i got him aimed in the right direction, he did a pretty good job!

i have finally gotten all my pictures edited and shared the good ones with you guys.
august is feeling much better and almost has a clean bill of health.
my house is clean.
the laundry caught up.
and i am starting to cut into that fabric.
can't wait to share some finished products.


photo shoot - the farm

there were so many places to take pictures around the farm.
the front gate was something that you only see on t.v.,
or in magazine pictures.
we wanted to haul the kids up there bad,
but knew the hunters wouldn't appreciate us getting so close to them.

so we had to settle with this . . .
(can you hear my sarcasm here?)

and this.

august was in full force sick mode.
but i did manage to get a few good ones.

the house from the driveway.
if i ever go missing for awhile,
this might be a good place to go looking.
it was beautiful,
and so much more.

but we had to get back to reality.

thank you so much bryan and samantha for your hospitality.
we loved every minute of it,
and enjoyed seeing a little bit of heaven on earth.

visit priceless bliss and the revell family for more of our tennessee fun.


the deer and friends come to visit

travis got the BIG one.
and man was he happy.

august sure was proud of his daddy.

jared and eric decided to go back out and sit for awhile.
its funny how a big buck can do that to ya.

later that day, we headed back down to the creek.

for some rock throwing.
can you see that my boy is feeling under the weather?
his eyes say it all.

the brooker's in benton came to visit.
and brooker sure was happy to see his cousins.
us girls enjoyed catching up too.


hanging on to mama.
a sure sign that an illness looms.

and more cuteness

the acorns were falling all around us.
we busied ourselves like squirrels.

another great view to take in.

huntley sure knows how to pose for a picture.

photo shoot - downtown waverly (updated)

(got word that sweet little molly jane was cut out of some pictures.
hopefully the problem has been fixed!)

i'll let the pictures do the talking.

but i must say one thing.
getting a shot with 4 kids all looking is next to impossible!
(how do photographers do it?)


downtown waverly

us girls loaded up the kids and headed into downtown waverly.
it is a small town with some neat places.

this tree just screams "take some picture with me,
under me,
around me,
and in my leaves."

so we did.
but first, we took a break at the waverly cafe.
and i had the best hot chocolate in the history of the world.

a group shot to prove we were all there.
not the best, but proof.

huntley enjoyed his mama's drink too.

across the street for leaf time.
molly jane loved those leaves.
all crunchy and tasty.
the boys did too.
(they just didn't eat them!)
see that cannon back there?
brooker took it on.
the cannon won.

we didn't notice this sign until later.
and, i hate to admit that it didn't stop us florida girls from taking in fall.

ready, set, jump.

we went back the next day.
in our picture taking clothes.