::right now::

right now, i am

:: needing to take my computer into the shop to be fixed, hence a no photo post.

:: hoping that posting from my phone is successful!

:: finishing up plans for a very special birthday and party this weekend.

:: watching as my needs to be sewn pile becomes smaller, and the completed pile grows.

:: preparing mentally to pack up this house.

:: wishing i could share some photos from a weekend full of celebrating and a naked artist we have around here!

:: seeing my belly grow bigger and bigger each week.

:: enjoying feeling all the moving, kicking, and hiccuping going on in there.

:: thankful an overnight fever left a little body and seems to be staying away.

:: planning to be back soon with lots to share.


shhhh...don't tell

but mama threw in some spinach for my non veggie eating boy.
he loves him a smoothie, and i love sneaking in what's good for him!


time = money

i've never believed it more.
this little gem is making "chenille-ing" so much easier.


grandparents' day program

today august had his first official school program.
singing and cookie decorating for grandparent's day.our little cutie!
sprinkling cookies with gran.
posing for mrs. alison.

happy grandparent's day gran, pa, nonae, and papa g.
we missed you nonae and papa g, but no worries its all on video!
amazing footage i tell ya!

vero weekend

we spent labor weekend doing just about everything except laboring!
we jumped waves, built sandcastles,

had lots of pool time,
got buried,
and soaked up time with wonderful cousins.

however, august did decide that a little labor was needed.....
with his breathing.
all is well now, but there were a couple of worrisome days.

crashed out on the ottoman when we gathered at the cousins beach house.
but in true jahna fashion, he awoke a joined the party.

group picture...1 minute to take it, lots to get us organized!

we had a great time!
thanks jimbo and susan for inviting such a huge crowd into such a beautiful beach home.
i though about stowing away, but those comfy beds in the hotel were calling my name!! (HA!)