Three Things

First things first. Panic. Did anyone else feel a small sense of panic yesterday? Well, I guess you would have to have Embarq to understand. Our Internet was down. After fidgeting with cords, feeling like some weird currents run through my body that cause computer malfunctions, and then just giving up, I learned that a major wire had been cut in Central Florida. Good. It wasn't me! However, I did get more done around the house. I guess I should think about time management?!

Second thing. Love. I found an idea on the Internet for Valentine's Day and waited just a little too late to get started. Story of my life!! I was unable to finish before packing up and heading to Tallahassee. So upon our return, I began working again. It was almost ready to go, then August gave us our scare. So to make a long story short, Travis got his gift last night. It is never to late to share a gift made with love, right?

It was really simple actually, just fill up a deck of cards with reasons why you love someone, then make a cover and back page, connect with ribbon, binder clip, etc. and you have a cute little book.

Third thing. Genes. I truly believe that August got most of his Genes from Daddy. The really good looks, curly hair, independence, biting, the ability to melt my heart, just to name a few. I am not sure, but this one may have come from me:

He started putting his sippy cup on a coaster!?! I swear we didn't teach him this, he just does it. I am sure it is just because he is copying us, but pretty smart don't ya think? So maybe the gene did come from Daddy after all? Yes, I think that's it. A smart gene from Daddy, not a neat gene from Mommy, even though Daddy has those too.


Happy Fat Tuesday!

I decided to get out the beads,

the you are special today plate,

and whip up a Fat Tuesday meal.

The menu:

French Baguette with garlic and chive butter

shrimp etouffee

August wanted to eat with Mommy.
And later, take out his aggressions on the pot.
You have to appreciate a toddler on steriods!!


Recovering at Home

August decided to do his first asthma attack up with a bang. We spent 5 days at Winter Haven Hospital last week getting oxygen, breathing treatments, meds, etc. It was quite scary, but our tough little guy fought hard and improved everyday. By the last day he was pushing around his IV monitor in a little peach gown. I just wish we had the camera for that sight. Our doctor (He is a hero among our family!) and the nurses were wonderful. We would like to say thank you for all the phone calls, visits, and prayers from our friends and family. Your love was felt and thank you just doesn't seem like enough. August is doing great at home and adjusting well to our new schedule which includes breathing treatments and meds. Please keep him in your prayers, as he continues to get stronger each day.
Please let me out of this cage! "Yes, I am trying hard to get better."
"Who should I call next?"
Resting with daddy


Photo Shoot

We held a photo shoot just before leaving Tallahassee. A picture of all three grandchildren was the request, and we were ready to please. I am sure Toni and George will find the perfect one, but here are some that capture smiles, cries, escapes, and funny faces.


Love Bites

Love bites - love bleeds. Well, August bites and Kinleigh almost bleeds. Yes, August is a bitter and Kinleigh unfortunately was on the receiving end. It was very dramatic, but somehow EN managed to sleep through the entire scene. Poor guy doesn't know what he is in for! Later in the day, while all was calm and still (the two oldest were napping!), EN decided to try rolling over. We amazingly had the camera and video camera ready!!
Post bite
I think Kinleigh still loves me?!
The first almost roll over


Valentine's Day

Lots of love to go around - the love of sleep, the love of a baby's hair, cupid bringing goodies, and a baby's first!
The "princess" sleeps!!

The curly mowhawk
The comb-over

Cupid came!!

Girls do LOVE their chocolate!

Look! I can hold my bottle!


Valentine's Eve

We headed out for Tallahassee in search for some cousinly love. We found Kinleigh waiting at the window for her favorite cousin, Auggie. I can't think of a better way to be greeted!

Love for daddy - all the way to his toes!!
Love of ice cream

Sharing with Auggie

Yum! Yum!

August "getting" Kinleigh.
They both thought this was funny!!

Going for a ride.


Camping Out

We spent the night in the woods and enjoyed some of our favorite things:

Jeep riding
Sitting by the fire

Eating goldfish

Hmm . . . what is in there?

The bolt - August plays with this everytime
are in the woods. Uncle Kenny, he has
found another hole to put it in!!
Surpervising daddy in the kitchen
The Famous Milk Gravy
Cleaning up

All worn out!