august from the iphone

we took august to the rays game on florida state fan day.
bobby bowden threw out the first pitch.
and every kid got a free bike horn.
note to self: find out what freebie is being passed out before going to the game!
thank the lord we didn't go into extra innings.
not sure if we could have handled much more honking!

our boy's been into monopoly,
and we have a good game going,
even if they are about to bankrupt me!

soaking in some pool time.

these girls were having too much fun to say no.

getting some love from turbo.

meet the teacher night.

while the babes are away,
mama will play.
major toy/closet clean-out happened,
and boy did it feel good!

first day of school.

looking all cute and sweet after having a middle of the night party.

ready for the green dragon game.
we made it to the field, but didn't see any of the game.
after the lightening delay, we opted to head on home.

and showing off their nole gear before the game.
not pretty, but a win is a win, and we'll take it!


keepsake quilts

bits and pieces of bumpers, sheets, and quilts cut up and sewn.
making a new quilt to love and snuggle with,
long after the days of crib sleeping are over.


meet turbo

numbers wise the dogs are now even with the people in our family.
not quite sure what that may say about us?

turbo is fitting in well with the big dogs,
and has learned that blaze doesn't share her food.
he is alert to noises and chases bugs.
i'm told those are both good signs of a good bird dog.
he even attacked back, in his puppy way,
when the aloe plant tried to get him.

that list of dog names began early this summer,
and was added to here and there.
i guess we should have known turbo would be it.
it was after all placed at the top of the list.


first day of school

the days of early mornings,
packing lunches,
and heading out the door making sure we have it all are here.
august loves his teacher and has had a great start to the year.
we are looking forward to new adventures in first grade!


meet the teacher

the big question that gets pondered each summer was finally answered.
and we couldn't be more pleased with the answer, mrs. capuano.
august's classroom was full of all the good stuff:
books, computers,
lots of fun colors,
job charts,
some old friends,
some unfamiliar names,
and most importantly, a caring teacher.