an insta friday update

opened my kindle last friday night to find the battery empty.
and if i'm being honest, that is exactly how my own battery felt.

so like any wise lady would do,
i spent the next day antiquing with some of my favorite ladies,
and then relaxing at hunting camp with some beer, football, and quilting.

while these two enjoyed riding around camp.

sunday turned chilly and very windy.
but, it didn't stop tatum from catching a cat nap on our jeep ride.

this one here is always into something.

yummy breakfast after a great workout with a friend.

and my littlest artist using the doors and walls as her canvas.


just because

it's been a long time since i stood behind the camera just because.

quite honestly, it felt good.
and to sit and edit them...even better.
and blogging about them just a few days later.....
well, i've decided it's something i'm just gonna have to make time for.


trick-or-treating: round 2 (halloween day)

but first a stop at the school costume parade.

our second round of trick-or-treating was hosted by some more dear friends, the price family.
pizza, other yummy treats,
lots of candy collecting,
even more candy passing out,
and an all around good time.

look at these two in the back:
eyeing the roasted peanuts.

getting a little closer.

somehow we snagged a stroller a few houses into our walk around the neighborhood.

blurry, but i love this face.

and some mad straw skillz!

or so SHE thinks!

trick-or-treating: round 1

our first round of trick-or-treating,
was hosted by our dear friends the revell's.
quite the crew here with superman joining the crowd as well.

notice that tatum is crying in this one.
a little bump on the steps got her going.

and the poor thing just couldn't get over it for awhile.

all loaded and ready to go.

tatum's first time picking out her candy.

our favorite football player.

after a few houses, she got the hang of it.
and loved going with her bag and daddy to the doors.

and here is how quickly they moved.....
lightening fast!

a fun night of friends and treats!


hunsader farms

back in october,
mom and i took the kids for their first ever trip to hunsader farms.

wow.  way more than i ever expected.

we hit up the photo op pumpkin patch,
farm truck and scarecrow cut outs.
did a little shopping in the craft show area.
ate fair food.
danced to the band playing.
checked out all the animals.
and being southern ladies, perspired just a little.

there was so much more to do,
but my pumpkins were tired and hot,
so we called it a day!