he doesn't seem to mind

that his helmet is really a chip bowl.
oh birthday, won't you come soon? for the new helmet awaits.
and allergies, take a step back and leave my boy and his eyes alone.


iphone picture dump

totally random (and over 3 months time),
but some moments that needed to be captured.

napping at the beach. the waitress warned eddie that a full order might be too much.
both plates were his!
leaving joann's wearing nothing but his diaper.
quick blog friendly explanation:
diaper - potty training derailment while on vacation
no clothes - asthma induced coughing, which led to loosing all stomach contents
from the morning in the check out line. i'm sure we were a, 'honey you'll never believe what happened story.'
cleaning up with the dinosaurs.
working with pa.
(and a backup halloween costume!)
elevator in daddy's office,
with a sweet treat in hand!
rosette assembly line.
he insisted on a mad face,
and a serious one.


goose egg and the weekend

apparently we have a dangerous magazine rack in this house.
it has broken a toe, and now it has given an almost instant goose egg. he didn't want his boo-boo bunny,
just the teething ring.
his inner monster was unleashed by the whole experience.
these pictures just don't do it justice.
just imagine a blackish blue peanut m&m protruding from your eyebrow,
because that's what it looks like.

over the weekend we stayed busy:
play time and popsicles with lily,
football watching,
wedding on the lake,
early morning hunting trip (which proved successful!),
playtime at nonae and papa g's,
visiting with grandma re,
baby shower,
and some sewing thrown in too!
hope you all had wonderful weekends as well.


from the quote jar

handing me his blanket:
"here mama. it will make you feel better." lighting followed by immediate thunder:
mama, "that scared me so bad that my heart jumped out of my chest!"
august, "where did your heart go mama?"
getting ready for a run:
"watch out for cars mama!"
jumping on me in bed:
"wake up mama. it's morning day!"
bedtime prayers:
mama, "now i lay me down to sleep.....wake me with the morning light, amen."
august, "bonny's belly."

i can't believe this little booger is about to turn three.
love him so much!!


brooker family

beautiful family.
beautiful setting.

thanks leslie for letting me capture the moments!


the new addition

she was beautiful,
and everything a newborn should be.

thank you for letting me snap away at your little one!