tatum: 4 months old

our sweet girl is finding her routine.
sleeping all night and mostly on her belly and side.
rolling over.
starting to laugh.
loving her thumb more and more.
smiles so big when anyone talks to her.
tries her hardest to sit up.
watches big brother intently.
enjoyed her first year at the races.
filling out quite nicely.
and adding so much love to our family.

i hear big brother.

there he is!

august helped me out by jumping on my back and acting like a monkey.
she loved it!

even made some curious faces.

love you much sweet girl!


garden beginnings

we picked out my favorite herbs to cook with.
some vegetables that we will enjoy this summer.
two tomato plants already started.
and august wanted some flowers,
so we went with sunflowers.

all planted and ready to go.

now, if i can only remember to water and love on these seeds of mine.


our weekend

much of my weekend was spend with this view.
after dinner and watching the lorax in 3d,
things went downhill fast.

the tummy bug hit me and laid me up.

august stayed busy and created this transformer lego all by himself.

tatum tapped into the "milk supply."
she took to a bottle pretty well,
but gave a big 'ole man burp and smile when mama feed her again!

sunday brought on a much improved mama,
a family trip the the hardware store for seeds and such,
and the beginnings of our first garden at the new house.


can't come up with a clever title

because so much going on in this little brain of mine.
sometimes i feel like its on overload with lists:
to do lists, to create lists,
house project lists, fun stuff to do,
and on and on.
but here is a bit of what's been happening around here lately.

august fell asleep on the way home the other night.
so much to love about this picture and so much i don't want to forget.
like wearing daddy's jacket from when he was a little boy,
loving superhero's,
crossing his legs and tucking his hands to keep them warm,
the forever present crocs,
and that mop of curly blond, oh how i love it!

tatum snoozes in her swing almost daily.
and is warmed by the afternoon sun pouring in.

the other night she dozed off with her thumb in her mouth.
she is constantly gnawing on a hand these days.

our dryer broke,
and i must admit finding joy in the task of hanging up our laundry.
it provides time to reflect on those that have become before us.
an appreciation for modern technology, and our ability to afford it.

there is also a new love of light weight and easy to dry fabrics here.
and the fact that we can hang our laundry without the neighborhood watchdogs knocking on our door is a huge bonus.

today after school, august and i rocked out to pandora using fake microphones and all.
this boy is finding a love for music.
and one for exercising with mama.
he has a tape all picked out,
so i'm off to sweat and let tatum watch ever so curiously from her swing!



this pic is from late this past summer.
but i don't think i've shared it here.
august put on these old aviators,
and said, "i'm papa g with these sunglasses!"

my sweet babies snuggling in the morning.

one of the many beautiful sunsets we have here in the country.

impatient way to let paint dry.

only one glass of milk poured and then it sat out all night.
mama brain got the best of me.

busted making bubbles in the sink.

showing his big cousins his new dinosaur book.

she stuck her thumb in the pacifier hole!
talented little one.

happy mail!


afternoon light

i love the way the afternoon light shines in our bedroom.
so often this what you can find going on in here.

some slow going hand stitching,
perfect for a lazy afternoon.

and stretching and well rested baby.

warm laundry being folded.

i always knew my grandmama had an industrial dryer because she had 8 kids.
now i KNOW why.


the fair

a few weeks ago we took the kids to the county fair.
this is the most excited tatum got.
very soon after, she feel asleep and stayed asleep despite all the noise.

august's first ride of the evening just happened to be fast freddy's.

then we moved on to a little fishing.

he rode the carousel all by himself.

and was so proud.

so were mama and daddy.

our boy has a fear of heights,
and he conquered those fears by riding lots of rides that go up high.

he's still not quite ready for the ferris wheel.

it sure was a gorgeous evening for some fair fun.
and i'd be lying if i said i didn't enjoy my corn dog and fried snickers.
thank the lord the fair only comes once a year!


sip and see

some very dear friends threw a sip and see shower for little miss tatum.
it was absolutely perfect.
they didn't miss a detail,
and we are so very thankful for their generosity.

the cake was tall and yummy.
as were all of the goodies.

tatum, myself, and hostesses

four generations

tatum and myself with all of her grandmamas and great-grandmamas.
we missed baboo, but i know her spirit was with us.

somehow i missed getting a picture of tatum's banner,
when i give a tour of her nursery,
i'll be sure to include it.

thank you everyone for showering us with beautiful gifts.
and a special thank you to bonny, kari, mandy, and kelly for hosting such a wonderful party.
i have been so very blessed with your friendship.