siesta key...ymca and our anniversary

we once again hit up the ymca splash park.
the kids (and adults) had a great time as usual.
the faces say it all!

splash park from 2010 and 2009.
my how the kids have grown and changed over the years.

travis and i get to celebrate our anniversary while on vacation.
we had a great dinner at ruth chris with linda, shawn, erica, and eddie.
thanks nonae, papa g, and jacklyn for keeping the little ones.

i could go back just for the appetizers and sides....YUM!


siesta key...beach time

we spent the better part of the last two weeks soaking in
sand, sun, family, and friends on beloved siesta key.

i must admit that i didn't haul my camera around that much this year,
and there were times i missed it.
this pregnancy has zapped some of my picture taking desire.
and just when its starts coming back,
i realize that my camera was left behind.

but i certainly did catch some special moments,
some on camera and some etched in my brain.
(hopefully those cells won't be lost in pregnancy!)

they boys found that the kiddie pool is a great place to try all sorts of trick moves.

being reminded to go one at a time,
for no one wanted to spend precious beach time in the e.r.

love the excitement on august's face while e.n. slides on in.

more from the beach in the days to come.


4 pictures from the 4th

august, " i hear thunder!"

"we better hurry!!"

beer ritas
from the famous meg.

i hear they were good!
our fourth was filled with flags, family, friends, food, fun times, and fireworks!