haunted house

it turned out "spookier" than planned. the falling down, leaning helps with the effect.
the proud decorator:
please visit kari for what i am sure will be coming soon pictures of the process.
and kari, thanks for being brave enough to let us invade your house for this project!


parker and tallahassee

one has nothing to do with the other,
but i couldn't help but post this picture. isn't he just too cute?

last friday we headed up to tallahassee to visit.
the kids sure did enjoy each other.
they stayed busy with tea parties.
dress up and dancing.
e.n. i love you buddy, but one day i will show your high school sweetheart this picture!

we loaded up on saturday and went to zoinks.
think chuckie cheese with bounce houses.
the boys got into driving.

and so did the diva!
whack the mole, squirrel, or whatever was popping up.
shooting some hoops.

and then my battery died and i forgot to charge it for the rest of the weekend.
but we relaxed and had a wonderful time!


getting hitched

trevor and marjorie are getting hitched this friday on my favorite beach.
here are some engagement pictures of the happy couple.

we can't wait to celebrate with you guys saturday night!


blue eyes

my dear friend casey and her family have moved closer to home,
and i got the opportunity to take some candid shots of the kids.

they have the most beautiful blue eyes
and the greatest little personalities.

i think its safe to say that we had fun!


sewing stuff

here are some things that i have been sewing on lately,
both gifts and custom orders.

my first attempt at ruffles on the bottom of a pillowcase dress.
(and it won't be the last!)
baby gift set: 2 burp clothes backed with chenille, coordinating one piece (initial for boy, ruffle butt for girl), and crinkle blanket
another gift set, just a little different from the others.
more ruffle butt one pieces.
these things are so much fun!
tea towels
lots of gameday rosettes
cute little nole dress
christmas picture dress for a little one.
the dog needed some christmas spirit too.
and my first time sewing for an adult:
a mama's halter top.
and nole skirts for sisters

i have also worked on some really cute black and white dresses with pink and blue accents,
but i guess those all got shipped off with any picture taking.