things that start with b

bumper pads - and one of the many potential dangers associated with sleeping with them.
it doesn't seem to bother him one bit though!

blanket - the crinkly, taggie kindi used this tutorial - super easy, super quick, and super cute.
don't want to make it yourself? just let me know, and i can hook you up.

boots - this boy loves them.
and it doesn't really matter that they are too big, girlie, and slick on the floors.

blogging - a good way to avoid my gigantic to do list.
but i better get to it, because for some reason sitting at the computer is not making it any shorter!


the first day of fall

it sure still feels alot like summer.
but we are prepared
and wishing for some cool weather soon.
i hate to tell him,
but i don't think he will need this hat for awhile!


friday night lights

we spent friday night under the football lights.
ap vs. lp
my alma mater vs. trav's alma mater

cousin paige striking a pose
her cross necklace glows in the dark.
and i quote, "erin, my necklace glows in the dark.
and you don't even have to turn it on!"

playing cars on papa g's leg

watching the cheerleaders
(i think he likes what he saw a little to much for this mama's heart!

the best action shot i could get
(i apparently need to practice a bit more before my boy takes the field one day.)

this plaque is displayed on the press box.

my granddaddy ran the clock for the home games.
as a little girl, i remember playing in the press box at the old field on friday nights.

shh . . . don't tell . . . but sometimes he let me hit the buttons.

my dad took over running the clock for home games.
he officially retired this year, but he filled in last night.
my cousin, leighton, sat up there with him.
i'm sure he was just as excited to be up there as i used to be.

by the way ap won.
go red devils.


noles boys, traveling apple pie, and a quick t-shirt makeover

we finished labor day weekend with one last gathering to watch the noles.

the boys showed off their garnet and gold:
cline parker
huntley - he is just a little confused about what team to cheer for, so for now i guess he will cheer for both!

the traveling apple pie:finally enjoyed after being dragged all over the county to 4 different gatherings.

and a quick t-shirt makeover:

after realizing my boy had no gameday gear, i decided to do a quick makeover.

cut out fsu logo on a too small shirt.
ironed on pocket of black t-shirt with witch stitch.
stitched around edges to secure.
wash and wear.

quick fix for now.
and yes i am in mourning over last night's loss.
at least it was a good game, right?!?!


serious fun

some serious faces.
having some fun.

i am not sure why they all look so serious because they were having a blast.
running around, "driving" the buggy,
playing games, and being chased by mama's and daddy's trying to keep them out of trouble.
going down to the creek.
watching every move mason makes.

this is an emil jahna trait--having your pants hang out at the top of your boots.
heading back for dinner.
the whole crew loading up for a ride.

it was a wonderful way to spend a sunday afternoon.
thanks for sharing a piece of paradise with us bryan and samantha.

college football - the best sport there is

college football officially kicked off thursday night,
but it just didn't feel official until i could watch some college gameday on saturday.

i just love all the hype of college football.
the traditions, the feel of fall in the air,
heated debates of who is better,
children and adults sporting gameday gear,
fight songs, the anticipation of it all,
and of course gathering tailgate style
(whether at home or the field)
to enjoy great food and fellowship with friends
(and sometimes temporary enemies!).

saturday we "tailgated" at the revell's for the gator game.
all that orange and blue was hard on the eyes,
but when little ones this cute sport it, it just doesn't seem soooo bad.

huntley is such a ham for the camera.

molly jane was not big on my flash.
it bothered her eyes.
but here is one of her checking out the quick headband bonny made her.
hamming it up again.
o.k. these shirts are stikin' cute -- even if they are gator shirts.

and this is about all i could catch of these two.
thanks for the great time bonny and jared.
we enjoyed our first "tailgate" of the season.


dresses (or shirts) for sale

$12 each.

circle napkin

brown flower napkin

pink bandanna

blue bandanna

the length of the napkin dresses measure roughly at 19 inches.
the length of the bandanna dresses measure roughly at 20 inches.
august* was a helper and allowed me to put the bandanna dress on him.
it hit right at his knees. so i am guessing that they would be considered a 18 mo - 2T as a dress.
3T - 4T as a shirt.
the ribbon straps give you room to play.
(*note - he promptly started ripping it off. i guess he figured out pretty quick that it wasn't for boys.)

all fabrics have been prewashed.
however, i suggest washing in cold water.
(even throw in a color catcher by shout--these things are wonderful!!)
line dry.

please leave me a comment if you would like one.
make sure to note which one. (first come first serve.)
also, if your email address isn't in available through your profile, please leave it in the comment as well.

hope you like them!

children's museum

i am a bad mama.
this is the first time august has ever been to the children's museum.
he loved it.

they have the coolest "real" stuff to play with.
i had to keep myself from playing in the grocery store the whole time.
i mean who can resist the scanner and cash register?

the boys loved the fire truck.
and wearing real fireman's hats.

what a cool fire alarm pull!
brooker did some shopping.

they took a break at the diner.

did a little face painting.

love the light in this one!

august watched for a fire on the forestry tower.

and played office on the computer.

mama played dress up in an old bridesmaids dress.
it really is one i wore in a wedding.
mom donated it to the museum.

too funny!!
i promise to be a better mama and return soon!

locally famous

meet zack.
our locally famous cousin.

hope football goes much better this year zach!