"a" pillow

when august saw this on his bed,
he said, "mama, that is AWESOME!"
all the response i will ever need!

all the decorative stitching and quilting was hand stitched.
something i find myself loving more and more.
especially seeing the final product...perfectly imperfect.


little kase man

this little guy and his family needs our prayers.
you can go here (http://www.littlekaseman.net/) to read his story and get updates.
kase is a fighter with many battles left to go, but he is staying strong and giving it his all.
we love you kase. keep fighting!


siesta key...corona day corn hole tournament & more

these are my last pictures from the beach.
it seems like so long ago that we were there,
and it some ways it was.
i kept coming back to these pictures thinking, i need to edit them.
but by putting it off, i got to keep going back to the beach.
with august in school 3 mornings a week, there is no longer any excuse.
so from here on out keeping up with the blog is a priority...until i get lazy again!

august giving his best, "arrrr matey."

the now annual corona day corn hole tournament.
someone was kind enough to put the year in the sand for me.

these two spent hours racing.
and we loved the energy it used up!

yum....especially when you can't have one and it felt like a sauna out there.

kara with her boyfriends.
these two were smitten.
tournament break...and let the kids have there turn at it.

another crush developed this year.
to say that shelby has a thing for renner would be an understatement.
one day renner will look back on this and wish he could still get her attention!

tournament winners

the last night we hit up phillippi creek,
yummy as ever and storming all around us.
just enough break in the weather for some family photos.
(with some silly faces in there for good measure!)

wonder if they will cut out another hole for us next year?

oh, how we enjoy the beach and love making memories there each year!


first day of school

today was august's very first day of pre-school.
he has been so excited since open house last week.
so excited, that he joined mama this morning by waking up at 6:00.
also, like mama he had a wardrobe change.
(i am so being paid back for my morning behavior as a child!
dear aunt candis and uncle keith, can you come and spend the night?!?!?!)

my very handsome boys
he insisted on being silly with his mama.
then he had to have his turn at the camera.
not too bad of a job!

showing off his balancing skills to daddy.

arriving at the top of the stairs and looking like such a big boy.
at this point i am working at keeping my emotions in check.
chatting it up with mrs. allison.

i am happy to report a wonderful first day.
and august saw no tears from mama,
but of course there were a few shed.

when i asked if mrs. allison was cool,
he replied, "no, mama. she's a girl and pretty!"


new baby goodies

custom onesie order for sweet triplets backside of the onesies
burp clothes to match
another order for a baby coming just in time for football season
ironed on and completed hand stitched
burp clothes - raw edges on fabric and another hand stitched football.

i must admit that sewing footballs had me itching for the upcoming season!


vbs program

august went to vbs at first baptist last week and had a BLAST!
he looked forward to going each day.
and shared all his favorite moments on the way home.

at the program he clapped, sang, and did all the right hand motions.
he was so proud when he realized papa g, nonae, gran, and pa were there to see him.
and i think they were equally proud of him.

pastor richardson got pied in the face by a boy and a girl.
august was called to pie him, but declined the offer.
aunt erica said she would let him pie her.....and i think he might just take her up on that!
(check out the revell family blog for more pics from the week)

thank you first baptist for showing our boy a fun, loving jesus.