insta update

just quick glimpses of everyday stuff over the last month or so.

me and my girl at a wedding reception.

my grocery shopping helpers.

little chicken, big chicken.  real chicken, boy who like to chase chickens.

giving brother some love.

quilting for babies never gets old.

august says, "i am pretty strong."

first major league game for august with some 'nole pride thrown in for good measure.

sewing up the 'other' colors.

lounging at the lake.

late morning snuggles.

august style monopoly.

enjoying pool time together.

silly monkey.

prepping (and mending) for the big day.

rough morning, but a ready boy.

oh how she misses him while he's away.

napping after a full morning of running here and there.

building a church with god's light shining in.

another gorgeous morning.

starting them early with college gameday.

homework. and the whining that goes with it.

quite proud of herself too!

3 years old.  now almost 6 years old.

being a ninja is serious work.
fire house. air port.  truck ride. water spraying. siren sounding. good times.