busy, busy, busy

trying to get caught up after a trip to the mountains,and a quick getaway to the island.
working on orders.
so don't worry if you placed one...
it will be ready soon!!
just in time for college football that is coming up this weekend!!
i have so many pictures to share from our trips.
(and the ones i planned to post while away!)
i promise to be back soon,
but must get to work in the nameless sweat shop!!
any suggestions?



in the hands of a two year old.


game day rosettes

without bling with bling
choose your favorite colors for saturday.
you may even need some for friday night (or other high school events).
set of three pins for $12.
one large rosette hair pin for $5.

other colors are available, just let me know if i have missed your team's color!

please leave a comment or email me at stifam@embarqmail.com to place your order.

in my kitchen

lately, in my kitchen, i have:

*baked oatmeal raisin cookies. they don't call them vanishing for no reason.

*made a THE BEST CAKE EVER, aka a chocolate peanut butter cake. you can find the recipe (and pictures) here at smitten kitchen. i must mention a few things 1) i am now smitten with her kitchen, 2) its very delicate but decadent, 3) she lists it as a celebration cake, 4) probably because it is sinful and rich, and 5) i am looking for another reason to celebrate soon!! it is a must do!

*refrigerated pickles using a super easy recipe. the hard part is waiting the five days.

*made homemade pizza. once you start its hard to pick up that phone and dial. (photo compliments of august)

*enjoyed fresh flowers on my dining room table from my thoughtful hubby.

post idea from soulemama.com


coming soon...

some new items and a few old.with help from my assistant they should be done in no time!


bowling, vbs, and mowing

just some of the stuff we've been up to since our vacation.

first time bowling,
and what fun it was! blurry, but priceless
posing for mama

waiting for his turn,
and boy was that hard.
his first ever spare.
daddy came by to see the action.
gutter guards and all--i still couldn't break 100!

august also went to vbs and loved it.
everyday he'd wake up and ask,
"are we going to bible school?"

playing peek-a-boo with his new friend, jo.
he insisted upon taking pictures of her,
and managed to get some with her actually in them!
getting into it!

and finally, helping daddy mow.

studly, i know.


siesta key...family photo sessions

i can't promise these will be the last beach pictures i post.
(erica has some pretty funny ones on her camera from dinner out one night!)
but i will give you a break from them.
so much has been going on since we've been back.
hope to update with all of our other fun stuff soon!