tatum: 3 months old

can't believe i just typed that.
where has the time gone?

our girl is growing healthy and strong.
still looks so much like big brother.
loves sucking on her hands.
has the old man long hair in the back think going.
was honored and showered by sweet friends and family.
went to her first ever fair...and slept the time away.
is the smiliest little thing.
and is perfect addition to our family.
love you ever so much baby girl!

brother wanted in on the photo shoot.

 starting in on the i'm done and hungry cry!

tatum is wearing her mama's old dress,
and laying on gran's old blanket.



i've been really bad lately about remembering my camera.
it may be the many other bags i'm already lugging around!
but i almost always have my phone,
though i have been know to leave it too!

here are some of our recent snapshots of life via instagram:

waiting in the parking lot while mama feeds a hungry baby.
he's getting pretty good at this!

the packing said 4+, but i beg to differ.
those fossil bones were tough to dig out and required lots a mama help
and a patience 4 year old.

my handymen minus papa g.
lots of hanging been going on around here lately.

my ironing lady hard at work.

a nursery project.
just a few final touches left.

salsa....just like chili's.
and i've found the perfect chip to go with it.
hello running shoes.
i'm gonna really need you now.

tatum's first (of many i'm sure) antiquing trip.
came home empty handed,
except for a pretty little lady of course.

"rennah" came to hunt and august was so happy to see his beach friend.
thanks renner for entertaining the little guy.

the last two saturday nights a raccoon has come to visit.
so in our infinite wisdom, we placed the food buckets in blaze's pen.
this time he brought a friend and it proved tough, but they were persistent creatures.
but here's your warning coons.....you've messed with a tired mama's sleep.
next time i'll be packing heat!

dog boy and goose girl are ready to save the day.
loving a 4 year old's imagination.

catching some zzz's after her first photo shoot with the extremely talented caroline maxcy prietz.


tatum: two months old

it's so hard to believe that it has already been another month.(plus a few days)

our girl is growing up.
weighing in at 10 lbs 5 oz.
she has the best smile.
is finding her voice more and more everyday.
loves swinging and watching the fans.
has been camping and antiquing.
continues to make lots of bodily noises that amaze us all.
we couldn't ask for a happier baby.
or a prouder big brother.
whom she still looks so much like.
we love you to pieces tatum ray.