nap time makeovers

these two thirty finds under went a nap time makeover. the big lamp was $8 and the small one was free because it was my lucky day.
actually, they were having a buy one lamp get the second free at the thrift store.
a little black spray paint and shades from the home improvement store helped to complete this makeover.

this mirror was free--it was a wedding gift hanging on our wall.
not really my style, but it was a great fix for a blank space in the hall.
it too got some black paint.
i am not in love with it, but it works for now.
and this little guy was working on his own makeover.
he sure is proud of his new way to wear a shirt!

(sorry for the shadows and funky color in some of the pics. cloudy afternoons don't help indoor lighting much!)



i spent some time playing around with a borrowed camera lens this weekend.
we headed down to the woods--always a great place for pictures.
i had fun taking shots of the working jeep and a few of its unworking parts.

i couldn't resist getting some shots of my cuties too.

love the light here.

saturday night we let august get himself ready for a trip to dq.
this is what he came up with--1 hat, 2 shirts, 0 shorts, boots, and daddy's watch.
thank goodness we went through the drive thru.
sunday we spend some time at the lake.
i didn't even have to get wet to get these pics.

and here are two peas in a pod.
loved the lens, even though it was heavy.
i guess i need to pull out the weights.
just in case i get one like it.


asthma and a sooty eye

tuesday night, august had an asthma attack.
we couldn't get it under control at home, so we went to the er.
with more treatments and meds there, we were able to come home in the wee hours of the morning with a much better breathing boy.
the next day was a little foggy, but i did get this pic.

august found the bic flicker lighter things and wouldn't give them up.
i was in no shape to argue, so i just closely supervised.
but somehow, his eye did get sooty.
no worries though, they are safely in a drawer that is taped shut.

august is doing good now.
just acting like a wild man (gotta love steroids).
but his breathing is great, and we are so very thankful.

sidewalk chalk portrait

this past tuesday we pulled out the sidewalk chalk.
august helped write his name.
he finally realized it was him and decided to spiff up his outfit a little.
trying to get this shot took some coaxing.
it is still sitting in our driveway.
it has rained all around our house, but not here.
maybe tomorrow.


last saturday the big kids went bowling.

we enjoyed some big kid treats!

here are our official scores:

we all bowled some strikes.
travis showed off and bowled 7 straight in 1 game.
i will not be asked to join a league anytime soon.
bowling a 35 in the last game should explain that.
erica and eddie, watch out for me in vegas.
i may break 100!!!
erica, i will email you the after bowling shots--let me just say--hilarious!!)


so true

august was just a few months old when i bought this. i never imagined how true it would be.


happy anniversary

gran and pa
nonae and papa g
love, your grandbabies!!
(yes, they share the same anniversary!)

she came back

and boy were we happy!

we filled up the pool.

mama found a shady spot.

kicked back a little.

played a little ball.

oh, and brooker came too!
swing set time was a must.

and some duck, duck, goose too!

we also took a ride on the golf cart.
thanks brooker's mommy.
we needed a breeze.
even if we had to make to ourselves!


it doesn't happen often

but when it does,
we do it up right.

you see, kinleigh came to play for the day.
so like any good aunt,
we took a little trip to the golden arches.

for happy meals.

we did take some time to brush our teeth.

and play in our fort.

they were dying to play in the heat.
so when daddy came home,
he saved us from the giant frog on the swing.

of course he scared kinleigh and mommy with it.
but we gave him a round of applause for saving the day.

finally, kinleigh could swing.

then it was time for football.

and tackling daddy.

time out for a post injury back rub.

it was miraculously healed!
and after a great time, the kids were pooped out.

kinleigh, can you come back already?