visiting santa

we took the kids to visit santa yesterday at bass pro.
they were so excited to see him,
and were eagerly awaiting to tell him about their lists!

first up e.n.

then august

and the oldest kinliegh waiting so patiently for her turn.
(not one single hesitation from her this year!)

all three kids with santa.

the kids played with all the remote control toys and displays
(there was some adult play too!),
and then had so much fun in the camping section.
complete with "boat rides" and "bat man caves."
and full on tears when it was time to part ways for the evening!

(iphone pics are looking kinda weird with extra stuff at the tops?!?)


my little indian

performed so well at his thanksgiving program.

he looked pretty darn handsome too.
but don't tell him that....
he's supposed to look cool.

counting all his indians.

love this face!

shooting his arrow.

such a wonderful program and celebration.
the teachers and school do such a great job.
just one of the many things i am thankful for.


kortney and lee

got hitched last weekend.
practicing for the big day.

the bride and her bridesmaids.
these two were quite the pair all weekend.
these two took their jobs seriously.
and did such a good job at the wedding.

all the details worked out beautifully.
and made for a perfect fall wedding.
i had to bribe e.n. in order to take this one,
but i just couldn't pass up that light!
i can't wait to see the wedding pictures.
the setting was perfect
and kortney made a gorgeous bride.
welcome to the family lee and lily.
we're so very happy to have you!


they both turned one

mary kate and marlee celebrated their first birthday together earlier this month.

and their mama's didn't miss a detail.
hair bow party favors for the girls.
cake by mandy.

getting ready for cake time!
trying to keep those candles lit.
first tastes

family shots

getting into that cake.
"its my party and i'll cry if i want too!"
just about the whole kiddy crew!
a wonderful first birthday party for two special little girls.
happy birthday!
your buddy august loves you.



since april i have felt like batman....hanging upside down in his bat cave.
waiting and waiting for the nesting to start.
with august i nested the entire pregnancy.
only one cabinet went uncleaned and unorganized (because i couldn't reach it!)

this time around has been much different.
maybe because i have another little body to take care of and clean up after,
or because we have moved,
or my iron levels are low,
but for some reason the nesting hasn't kicked in....
until about 1:30 thursday night.

so, i made a list and have been working on it.
marking things off it and adding to it over the last two days.
yep, the nesting has begun.
slowly but surely i am getting there.

keep coming back,
since updating the blog is among things deemed "to do before baby arrives."

(batman hanging upsided down with his superhero friend...compliments of august. love that boy's imagination!)



we joined friends at the revell's for pizza, hayride, and trick-or-treating.
all the kiddos dressed up and ready to go get some candy!

waiting ever so patiently.

august called this the spooky house last year and wouldn't even get near it.
instead he hung back and flirted with aunt jamie.
this year though, not one single fear!

love mary kate's face...
she looks like she's telling one of her girlfriends all about some new gossip!

me and my boy snuggling on the hayride.

thanks revell family for hosting such a fun, family evening.


school party

august at school, dressed at buzz, and ready to go trick-or-treating to all the classrooms.
(not really sure what that face is all about?)

heading downstairs to fill his bag full of loot.

all the kiddos checking out their bags and itching to eat candy.

august had a great time at school celebrating,
and wanted to try as much candy as possible on the way home.


blast from the past

for years as a little girl,
i remember the highlight of fall being the parade and carnival downtown.
they have brought it back,
and i think i can speak for many when i say that we are so very thankful.
our children are getting to make memories similar to ones we made as children.

august wanted to be buzz lightyear for halloween this year.
mama-made pants and shirt paired with a real working jet pack made the perfect costume.

buzz with his superhero friends, spiderman and batman.

starting of the same parade kari and i walked so many times as children.

posing for pictures

thanks kari for getting one of me with the boys.
the belly has grown since the last picture where you could actually see it.

such a fun day making memories with kari again.
this time our boys got to join in on the fun!


naked artist & some sewing

august had a pumpkin art project to complete at home.
he choose his own attire.

the masterpiece of a naked artist:

lauren is an edge cheerleader, so i made a cheer bag for her birthday.

so much fun hand stitching the name.

my grandmother needed a baby gift and loved heagan's remake.
this is what we came up with,
and i have just enough fabric left to make our little girl one of her own.

sewing that linen was heavenly....i have a new fabric obsession.

another custom order baby gift,
and trying out a new ruffle. (i think i like it alot!)

and my second faux chenille baby blanket for a very special little lady.
(we are still awaiting her arrival as i type this.)
so much fun seeing them come out of the dryer all "chenilled-up."

and by the way, a chenille cutter is the way to go if you ever try your hand at one of these babies.