first day of school

i started this post monday.
today is friday.
it's safe to say we are just starting to get into the groove of our new schedule.

august started kindergarten this week!
tatum woke up WAY ahead of schedule,
making certain mama's fear of oversleeping wouldn't happen.
we had a few outfit changes.
because, "why do you always want me to look handsome, mama?"
after breakfast, finally getting dressed, and a photo session,
we arrived to school and in mrs. hollan's class.
he's in VERY good hands,
and loved the first day!

so happy to report that he has loved his first week of school.
but we sure miss him while he's away!


ray's game

we took august to his first ever ray's game.
the seminole booster's reserved a section,
and we all got ray's hats in our favorite colors, garnet and gold.
mike martin threw out the first pitch,
and buster posey was playing for the giants.

the game was sold out,
so not much picture taking was happening.
it was more like, don't let go of my hand or else!

august enjoyed it,
but was disappointed that they didn't actually sell the star wars ray's helmet.

first swim lesson

otherwise known as:
tatum cries while learning to go under,
reach for the side,
monkey walk,
jump off the side,
and anything else mrs. pat asked her to do.

this girl of ours has no fear of water.
but, a fear of strangers, yes indeed!


preschool gradution

he went and did it.
graduated from preschool.
i still can't believe it that my oldest baby it that old.
maybe that's why this whole blogging thing has been pushed to the side.

we couldn't be more proud of our guy.
he learned so much this year,
and met lots of new friends.

a few weeks before the program,
he practiced an opening prayer.
we had no idea that he would recite it all on his own.
and he nailed it (fever and all)!

the students made his wonderful teacher, mrs. norris, a quilt.
so much fun seeing how each child drew a picture of her.

tatum's 'twin' is three

we had a great time celebrating heagan turning 3.
pizza, pool, fun, friends, and a thunderstorm thrown in for good measure!
thanks for sending me these pictures samantha,
and for capturing our 'twins' together.