"big kiss"

giving mama a "big kiss."
man i love that boy!


container garden

our container garden has been planted and drinking up our recent rains.

the aloe plant was started from a stem that originated from trav's great grandfather's aloe plant.
the basil came up after letting our last basil plant flower.

i can't wait to eat some tomatoes fresh from the vine.
the chives have been planted for quite some time.
if you want to grow something that can withstand just about anything,
(i.e. lack of water, heat, and frost) then chives are the way to go.
these are living proof!

and morning dew, part of nature's early morning beauty.


sneak peek

a little something i have been working on. will share final product soon!!


races 2010

they have come and gone once again.
many more race memories have been made.
the kids had a blast.
adults too.

hope you enjoy some captured moments with a little commentary here and there.

sharing m & m's.

dixie trying to get a better view.
somehow i only got one of these.
but the kids drove their jeeps until the batteries died.

time out doll look alike.

spun out car.
avoiding the spun out car.
too close for comfort!
true mcqueen fan.

appears to be a serious conversation.
planes and helicopters flew overhead all day.

sun setting on the races.


daddy's boots

i could just eat him up.
and i must say daddy looks equally handsome in or out of those boots!


friday night special

one free haircutbefore wetting those curls down,
they were wild and out of control.
so mama went to work.
it turned out o.k.
thank goodness curls are forgiving.



first, i apologize for the amount of pictures.
so, if you're not into little boys (and a few big) jumping in puddles,
just ignore this post.

second, this boy will turn just about anything into a gun.
do any of yours do the same?now let the puddle fun begin!
testing the water with a leaf.
kicking it around some.
full force through the water.
blurry, but love that face.

just a little dirty.

august says, "help mama."
mama replies, "you can do it!"

he gets a partner in crime.

then later, turkey calling lessons.

time to lose some water.
and get cleaned up.
warning: chap stick will melt when left in your pocket.
and leave a big wad when applied.
finally, have you ever seen a colony of ants swimming for their life?
now you have!