april from the iphone

putting on mascara
 officially a soccer mom
putting together the green machine
baby blue birds
the end of that first lesson
loving these quilt fabrics
first soccer game, first goals, and first lost tooth
cuteness all ready for bible study
got glue?


august's school asked if i could make something for teacher appreciation week.
i thought these aprons would be fun thing for our teachers that work so hard.



we celebrated the season with egg dying,
egg hunting,
easter bunny visiting,
church worshiping,
and family gathering.

and a note for the bunny next year:
m&m's are about all you need to drop off!


swim lessons for tatum

she cried the entire time.
but learning how to swim isn't an option,
so it doesn't bother this mama one bit.
i don't think she's ever called for me this much in her entire life.

ms. pat is a angel.
she just keeps going right through the crying.
and these babies just keep doing what she asks.

happy to report that after a few lessons there are no more tears,
and this girl is making great progress!