may from the iphone

helping me rearrange already arranged quilt squares
worn out
my tired babies after some lake time
working from home so there's no need to fix her hair
prepping for pirate day
her own fashion sense
wildflowers picked by my babes
so proud of our good citizen
and pirate day finally arrived....argh!


harlan's quilt

the most in depth quilt to date.
i loved every minute of it.
(except for that one star, whose points got sewn on the wrong way, and later fixed.)
i swore i was going to try and machine quilt this one,
but got scared of messing it up and hand quilted it instead.
and what a great thing that was because it so soft and cuddly this way.
truth be told hand quilting is my favorite.
it's relaxing, slow, and simple....just the way i like things.


pirate day

this was a use what you have costume.
sew up a quick sash,
and make a treasure map with a little sewing,
burning edges,
and of course plotting out where the treasure is!



we are so proud of august.
he has loved his first year of school,
and learned to much.
he loves reading and science.
is quite quick with his math skills.
and he has formed many new friendships.
couldn't be more proud of him and his citizenship award!



this boy loves to run.
so soccer was right up his alley.
his baseball coach was coaching soccer,
so he had the same coach and some of the same teammates.
friendships grew stronger and teamwork improved.
we loved watching him play.
and his excitement when his team scored melted this mama's heart.