august has really been into making faces
and wanting to take pictures lately.
so we did a little of both.

(beware of the scary no make-up face below.)
sad to say, this is the good one.

and because his faces are so much cuter:
sad face
funny face
finally me and my boy.


coolin' off

in fan section of bed, bath, and beyond.located next to the candles.


first dentist visit

many, many years later i find myself at dr. bopp's office once again.
i sure did love going to the dentist as a child.
it was like going to the arcade with video games (personal favorite: ms. pacman)
and prizes at the end.
just throw in a some teeth cleaning and x-rays, no big deal.
i think its safe to say from the looks of this picture,
that august is going to love going to the dentist too!

note: pearly whites checked out great!



last weekend. aria.
skybox sports bar & grill.
3 card poker.
the buffet. crab legs for breakfast.
ceaser's. anthropologie.
meeting up with the davis family.
cheesecake factory.
let it ride. wheel of fortune.
bellagio. black jack.
todd english pub.
sleeping in. julian serrano.
churros dipped in chocolate. (aka - heaven on earth)
nap. pool.
viva elvis. sirio ristorante.
more 3 card poker.
a great weekend getaway!


belated birthday post

travis turned the BIG 35 last wednesday.
the family came over for dinner, cake, and ice cream.

who woulda thunk it?
face paint at a birthday party for someone turning 35?!?!
at least they didn't paint her face!thanks for being a good sport nonae.

the boys ate picnic style.
(august would normally have on clothes for a family dinner,
but training in just undies just so much easier!)
cake time:
the boys were more than happy to help.

and because blowing them out once is just never enough!

here's what happened:

digging into that cake is just as good as blowing out those candles.
happy birthday travis!
thanks for being such a great husband and wonderful daddy.
we love you!



spent some time putting up peas this past weekend.
and boy did it bring back some good memories. i remember going into the field to pick peas.

i remember spending saturdays in the rec room with my great grandaddy shelling peas,
and his gentle warning, "don't get your finger caught in the sheller."

i remember running into the kitchen to pull out "stinger" peas with my great grandmother,
and how all those peas felt in that cold water after being blanched.

and i remember how very good every pot of those peas tasted.

i just hope that one day my "helper" appreciates all the goodness that goes into putting up peas.
and how good that cool tile feels in a hot summer kitchen.

what could be better than one tray of frozen peas?

but even better than that?
are the memories of summer days spent with family working hard in the kitchen.


bailee's lake party

saturday we celebrated bailee's fourth birthday at the lake.
she was actually born the same day as travis--lucky girl!

the weather was perfect for a day at the lake.
nice and breezy.
which made keeping the candles lit a tiny problem,
but nothing a paper plate couldn't fix.
licking the icing

i want a cupcake face.
but no icing for this boy.
(icing on finger + touching side of tummy = hives on side of tummy &
and a very thankful mama that he didn't lick that finger!)
he settled for some chips.

but everybody else sure did enjoy them!

no icing for the adorable little one either.
don't ya just love those sweet cheeks?!

the birthday princess

tearing into the goods!
happy birthday bailee!


monkey dress

i finally stopped "monkeying" around and cut into this fabric.
i just love the way it turned out.

from bed and crib sheets into a cute dress!

there is quite a bit of fabric left to make more.
please let me know if you are interested.

some basic info:
$20 each
sizes from 6 months to 6/6x
each seam is finished with a french seam - no raw edges
bow options - two bows or one side bow
pre-washed fabric


play dough

so simple, yet so fun!

serious concentration

summer goal:
being more mindful about arts/crafts time around here!


swim lessons

august is doing great with swim lessons this year!
he only cried the first day about 90% of the time,
since then only a few tears have been shed, if any at all.
mrs. pat is nothing short of AMAZING!!

using nemo hands

face under
mind you, this child has never liked getting his face wet.

up for some air
check out that kicking!
still apprehensive about jumping off.
he loves having some hands to hold onto.

i think by end of summer we may have a swimmer!


tea towles

i made my first tea towels for mother's day (flower in the middle).
my very sweet sister-in-law saw it and said, "i can sell those!"
so i whipped some up and they are on there way to tallahassee today.

they would make a great shower gift, hostess gift, or just a gift to yourself.
let me know what you think of them!


memorial day at the lake

for the last two years we have enjoyed memorial day on lake june.
last year there was a little excitement.
(click here to check it out, and to see how much the kids have grown.)

jaxon wanting a boat ride.

huntley cooling off.
all 4 boys
august has an idea!

he's acting on it.

and he's off!

look at those curls.

and sweet face.
running in and out, over and over again.

riding on big mable,
and loving it!!

time for some air!

brooker kept giving me this look when i had my camera.

then he finally cheesed it up for me.

and this boy found a golf ball...and couldn't have been happier about it.

thanks for the great time revell family.
can't wait for next year...
and having even more babies around to enjoy the lake.