september from the iphone

we spent labor day at the lake,
and made some great memories:
kissing fish,
a lip getting bit by fish
(there was blood),
and mama learning how to clean fish.
superheros who steal my heart.

we found her on the couch,
curled up and angelic.
we found her mess in the bedroom :/

my pink tutu ballerina.

turning things pink in tatum's big girl room.

my artist in training.

worn out and looking all pretty.

we got all dressed up to celebrate local champions for children.


growing up

it's been a big week around here for our little girl.
she now has her very own big girl bed.
and it's the first time in 7 years we haven't had a crib set up in our home.
she didn't let her mama get too emotional about it though.
after much shenanigan's leading up to taking down the crib,
we were slap worn out around here and ready to curl up in our own beds.
think: early wake-up time, bathroom accident in which mama stepped in poo,
and tearing curtain rods (bracket and all) out of the wall.
yep, that girl looks innocent,
but she keeps us on our toes.
(she just ran into the office naked!)
there is still lots to do to make her big girl room complete,
but just maybe i can share it here sooner rather than later.

adding to all this growing up, included her very first dance lesson.
she was shy at first, but warmed up, and started moving around that room.
we can't wait to see her blossom into a little dancer.
some front porch posing was in order after class.
she kept cupping her hands and signing,
so mama just went with it!

"the days are long, but the years are short."
~gretchen rubin