yesterday's scene

which is pretty much the same scene now.
though our need for the pot seems to be over.
but the need for mama isn't,
and that i'm not too sad about.



we took turns blowing and chasing.
it was the happiest his was all evening.


calling all superheros

brooker turned 4, and superheros was the theme.
awesome cake made by mandy.supermom revell didn't miss any details.

the joker even made an appearance.
batman used his superpowers to protect the party.
then decided to win him over with a hug instead!

"hey, mom. don't let the joker get near me, o.k.?"
cake time
all superheros (and some princess superheros)
present time"can i have your attention?"
"thank you for coming to my party and for all my cool presents."

cutest super girl ever!
and darn happy about it.
supermoms with wonder woman thrown in the mix.
a wonderful party and beautiful afternoon.
happy birthday,brooker.


easter day

the easter bunny stopped by in the wee hours of the morning.

he came via havana,
stopping a great little children's boutique.
(like them on facebook--you won't be sorry!)

august loves is new, bigger flip flops.
(thanks, aunt erica!)

hungry, hungry hippos has been on the wish list for some time now.
i am so glad that the easter bunny was on top of his game.

we joined my parents for church.
and then stopped by to see more easter bunny treats left at gran and pa's.

and hunted easter eggs.

not digging the dye on his hands.

but loving finding all those eggs.

then my camera battery died.

later we traveled to travis' parents to eat and visit.
a wonderful and relaxing day celebrating easter.

it's hard to believe

but kinleigh turned 5!!
we were lucky to get to celebrate with her.

before all the guests arrived,
the kids made sure the bounce houses were in full working order.
and needed a juice break to get ready for the guests.

survivor camp theme done up right.
these were filled with all the goodies needed to make s'mores. yummy!

the kids bounced, slid,threw water balloons,
potato sack raced,
hay rided, swung,
played in the sand,
and had the most wonderful time.

one of my favorites of the birthday diva.

"can i sit in your lap?" asked this little boy.
he knew papa g had one of the best seats around.

e.n. broke his arm about a week before the party.
he was a trooper though and didn't let it slow him down one bit.
(he now has no pins and no cast---a healed arm, praise the lord!)
mr. bass gave august his tiger bag.
he filled it with superheros,
birthday horns, and such.
it never left his side for long.

she's checking to see if he's thinking what she's thinking.
they both did it, and i was half a second late catching them in the act!

i remember holding you in the hospital,
that first birthday, and now you're five.
love you girl!