february from the iphone

ugh!! i've emailed these pictures every which way,
and opened them different ways,
but this is as big as i can get them without them going all blurry.

yummy home grown tomatoes (not by me)

enjoying her spaghetti and zoodles

grass stains and holy knees....love boys

scrap sorting rainbow style

the box of chocolate grandaddy gave to grandmama.
so blessed to see such a sweet moment.

tatum ready to go to baseball practice

opening day ready

funny shaped fruit gives me a chuckle.



this year august was in the 30/30 league,
which is a sling arm machine that pitches the ball 30 mph from 30 feet away.
(an no, i won't testify to that definition in court.)
to say he loved baseball this year would be an understatement.
old  friendships were made stronger and new ones were made.
there were lots of hits, rbi's, and all that other baseball stuff.
he practiced hard and played hard.
improved as the season went on,
and made us very proud.


brynn's quilt

and my first scrappy quilt.
to say i learned a few quilting lessons would be an understatement.
but a good run through the washer and dryer can be pretty forgiving.
using up lots of my scrap collection didn't happen either.
somehow those scraps get bigger as you sew them.
it was so much fun to dig and find pieces and remember the projects they came from.
it was my first, but certainly not my last....those scraps keep multiplying.