Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy birthday Mom! We enjoyed lunch today. Sorry we didn't get to take any pictures, since our spot was occupied. Here is one of you and your favorite little guy!!

Nap time at the races


ABC's of Me

I was tagged by Bonny.

Here are the ABC's of Me.

A - Age: 31

B - Bed size: Queen

C - Chore you hate: Dusting

D - Dog's name: Blaze

E - Essential start to your day: Travis brings me August, and we snuggle up together watching Sprout.

F - Favorite color: Red

G - Gold or Silver: Gold

H - Height: 5'3"

I - Instruments you play(ed): Trumpet in middle school - I know my parents are glad I gave it up!

J - Job title: Wife and Mother, former teacher

K - Kid(s): August

L - Living arrangements: With hubby, August, and Blaze

M - Mom's name: Cathy Jo

N - Nicknames: Dad called me Tweetie Bird when I was little.

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: A few days and nights with August for asthma.

P - Pet Peeve: When people drive just as, or if not, faster in a residential neighborhood than on the highway!

Q - Quote from a movie: I have so many from Steel Magnolias, but here are two of my favorites : "He's so confused he doesn't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt." and when Drum says to Ouiser after she cuts off the butt of an armadillo cake, "Aww, thanks Ouiser. Nothin' like a good piece of a@#." (Travis and I had an armadillo cake at our couples shower exactly like that one!!!)

R - Right or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: Just Me

T- Time you wake up: Usually around 7 or later if August lets me!!

U- Underwear: Yes

V - Vegetable you dislike: yellow squash

W - Ways you run late: It's genetic. As far as I know, everyone born into my dad's family has it.

X - X-rays you've had: teeth, elbow when I broke it

Y - Yummy food you make: Mexican corn bread casserole (Trav's favorite) and chicken and dumplings (my favorite)

Z - Zoo favorite: Not a big zoo girl, but I love the dolphins at Sea World.

I tag Katie and anyone else who will play along!


Sleepy Head

"Mommy, can I please take a nap?"



These two sure do love each other!



This weekend we went visiting. On Saturday we visited with Nonae while the boys went to work at camp. We decided to take a quick trip into town to visit the local stores and eat a tasty lunch at Schooni's. I wish I had pictures from the Blueberry Patch. August thought that they had the coolest things. I mean, what boy doesn't want to throw the balls and slide down the fish chair. Thanks for letting us terrorize you, Samantha!

listening to the signing owl

riding in comfort

caladiums are popping up

On Sunday we went up to the lake. No pictures though, I forgot my camera. August enjoyed splashing in the water (still quite chilly) and digging in the sand. He did not want to share his toys with the new puppy, Gin.


Wild Hair

Bonny and Brooker got a wild hair last night and invited August and I to come along. So off to Chuckie Cheese we went. We had a great time celebrating Brooker's birthday again!

leaving town

Hit it harder.


"Where are the balls, Mommy?"

shootin' hoops

feeding Barney

In just 14 short years, this will
happen all over again (but for real!)

According to these boys,
looking where you are going is overrated.

Driving everything he can.

heading back to town

Thanks for inviting us to come along! Notice the bag above? Us girls did a little shopping before returning home. You can't get that close to Old Navy and Target without actually squeezing in some shopping!!

We are truly blessed that these boys are growing up together. It all started when mom and Janie lived next to each other, continued with Jared, Jamie, and I being neighbors at the beach, and now the boys living in the same neighborhood. Life is great!


First Baseball Game

August attended his very first baseball game tonight! We went to watch his cousins Carson and Connor. The Wildcats didn't beat those Blue Streaks, but we had fun just the same. August watched and clapped just like any good little baseball fan would.

the boys at bat

watching the game


Happy Easter

Easter was a busy, but relaxing day. We started out in AP for church. Then followed up with picture time, a quick nap, lunch, egg hunting, and lake time. Off to Kenny and Heidi's for a fish fry and more family time. Heidi made an awesome homemade mulberry pie! I wish I had a picture of it. It was yummy!

the boys
One is unhappy. Can you guess who?

our family

taking a break to play ball with Gin

Pa, August, and Gran

I have these cousins wrapped.

egg hunting

lake time

sharing ice with the dog

"See Grandma Re (as Kinleigh says)."
It's o.k. to share ice with the dogs, drop it, and still eat it!"

Heidi has a great green thumb.

getting ready to turn pink


Happy Birthday Brooker!

birthday boy
mom and her favorite little guy

egg hunting

important conversation

kissin' papa

yum, yum

group shot

feeling a little out numbered

"How can I steal her from Kenny?"

Brooker took some wild slides

not letting go of those pretzels

best buddies

Wrangler butt