siesta key...kortney and lee

trav's cousin kortney got engaged memorial day weekend.
so while we were at the beach some engagements pictures were in order.

this has to be one of my all time favorites.

welcome to the family lee and lily.
we are so excited to have you!!


siesta key...the water park

we made our trip to the y.m.c.a. water park.
it has now become a tradition,
and i think these pictures can explain why.

so much fun!


siesta key...the first days

one night we made a trip to:
for dinner and daiquiri's.
this nice lady decided to play with the kids and pretend to get them.
well, august got her.
and his idea of gettin' is to grab the butt.
oh the laughs that one got.
these three were having a blast!
then bailee decided to have some fun of her own.
little to our knowledge she found the dimmer switch.
another nice lady announces rather loudly,
"i know i've had a few drinks, but do the lights keep going up and down."
we all agree, and then moments later see this:
such a funny little girl,
that totally got caught in the act!!
of course most days were spent on the beach.
poor renner re-broke his leg a few weeks before vacation.

travis and toni caught a crab while snorkeling
and brought it back for the kids to enjoy,
before we sent it back to life in the ocean.

we ended our days with some pool time.

jumping with no hands.
he swam like a fish,
and always asked to go to the big pool.
if you want to become the most popular adult around.
open a bag of these.
cleaning (but mostly playing) in the shower.

a few days before august and e.n. ran around naked,
screaming and hollering.
provided some entertainment for all.
too bad the camera wasn't with me.
we had a fish fry on the lawn.
(the one you're not supposed to gather on.)

followed with one of many beautiful sunsets.

uncle kenny being silly.

mom and dad came for a few days to visit.
tina and gary came to visit too.
love this one!

more posts to come from our time at the beach.
(sorry for the longest post in history,
but i just had to document it all!)