cracker trail hoedown

there were slides, cute babies,
train rides,
roping calves,
or yourself,
a cake walk,
sand art,
snow cones, bounce houses,
new kinds of clogging music,
and a good time for all!



my granddaddy turned 84 this week.
we celebrated with a family dinner, cake, and ice cream. somebody put gin's ball in there,
and she was bound and determined to get it out.
a very convincing king of the table with his hands on his hips.
the boys chowing down.

granddaddy got an important birthday phone call from mr. davis.
who then told mom a supermodel joke.
i know where my uncle keith gets it from!
candle time.
the boys let granddaddy blow out the candles first.
then they had their turn.
august saying, "please, can we help open?"
digging into all the presents.
august saw the bell on the bealls box,
and starting shouting, "taco bell! taco bell!"
funny guy.
happy birthday granddaddy!
love you!

races 2011

another year of the races and another year of fun!
not one, but two "little" miss 12 hours were on hand! hot and tired boys taking a break.
then back at it for some trailer jumping.
cheetos time!!
watching the band.
and brooker joined the band with his own performances.
i see a singing career in his future!
us girls.
love the nole hanging over bonny's head.
it's trying to tell you something, bonny!
kinleigh and her "cousin" brooker.
you see, kinleigh seems to think that brooker is a cousin.
most times when they come down to visit,
brooker and family join us for our adventures.
and we are so thankful to have them as extended family!
on saturday, we all headed out for more fun, sun,
and dirt.
some very tired, hard core race fans!

photo credits to bonny.

see years past here, here, here, and here.


golf cart riding

bonny and jared swung by the other day,
and invited auggie for a golf card ride.
we were trying to get some real smiles.but they were intent on being silly.
the boys adoring miss mary kate.
and mary kate making quite the face herself!


turning 80

my grandmother jahna turned 80 just over a week ago.
just as beautiful in her younger years as she is now.
a photo collage throughout the years.
almost the whole crew was able to gather and celebrate with dinner and dancing.

the birthday girl with the oldest half of 8.
and with the youngest half.
trying to get all 8 children with their spouses.
tough group to tame.
august got flipped and turned throughout the night and loved it!
backup singers showing off some moves.
paiger looking sweet as always.
getting on video some funny moments i'm sure.
granddaddy would be proud of him for having out the video camera!
more flipping and tickling.
the backup singers gained another,
and did a good job with margaritaville.
(note: salt shaker!)
ray charles impersonations
jules and her love.
1/2 the twins
grandchildren and great-grandchildren
almost the whole gang

love this family so much.
thank you grandmother and granddaddy for such a beautiful family.
happy birthday grandmother!!