other than yogurt

what could make this boy so happy?
eating it with his best buddy, brooker!

happy birthday brooker's mommy!
hope you have a great day.

**side note - both boys started saying cheese when they saw me with the camera.
do you think they have had their pictures snapped a time or two?



on saturday we said goodbye to baboo (travis' grandmother).
she was a very special lady.
not only was she a mother,
but a grandmother, great grandmother, and a great great grandmother.
she loved her family fiercely.
and she could tell a great story.
although there have probably been more told about her.
i promise they would make you laugh real hard.

the entire family gathered at the beach for memory sharing and prayer.
we tossed rose petals into the ocean and watched them come back in waves.
only to be taken out again.
later that afternoon, we walked down to see if any petals were still on the beach.
there were so many, you couldn't help but smile.

rain came in the early evening.
it was marked with a full double rainbow.
(hard to see, but the second one comes out of the palm tree.)

we miss you baboo.
but we are comforted knowing that you are in a better place.
sharing laughs with your family and friends.
checking out god's pantry.
(she loved a fully stocked one!)
and whipping up some good cooking.
these pictures are from our last visit with baboo.
i am so glad that we had a chance to give hugs, kisses, and say i love you's.

got bear?

we have a really big one.
who will hopefully move on to greener pastures soon.
until then, no child or dog will roam free.
and the men will be prepared for an encounter!


good deed

change a dirty diaper, without discarding any of the contents, while looking completely innocent

siesta key 7 . . . the last day

this is the last post of beach pictures . . . i promise.
renner wanted to be buried with his mask and snorkel.

who are we to argue with this face?
e.n. snoozed on the beach.
august did the same thing last year.
a clean out your ice box lunch.
there were hot dogs, sandwiches, shrimp, fried fish, fried venison.
and just about anything else we could get rid of.
yes, the snack bucket showed its face again.

hope i haven't bored you to tears with all these beach pictures.
i am just really bad at making choices, especially when it comes to pictures.
i could just look at them all day and ponder, what to post?
plus it lets me go back to the beach for just a little while.
if only in my mind.


fish fry

a week ago we went to a fish fry. at uncle francis' fishing house.
the boys tried to do some fishing.
but only one fish got the memo.
the rest were playing it safe somewhere else.
i remember coming here as a little girl for family gatherings.
this yard used to be huge.
august wore his boots.
it was a good thing because it was a little wet from a good rain that day.
there are some really cool old things around this place.
if only i could have searched around some more.
the friendliest dog in the world will growl - if he thinks yankees are around.

a grill just his size.

the fried fish were great.
but uncle francis' special ketchup made them that much better.

siesta key 6 . . . more sunsets

family shot
with august.
without august.
getting their feet wet.

papa g and nonae with all the grandkids.
laughing with nonae.


siesta key 5 . . . sunsets

the perfect time to take pics at the beach.
linda and shawn. kenny and heidi.
kenny, heidi, and kids.
this outfit resulted in the nickname, the shark, after greg norman.
i think he looks pretty darn cute myself.
the whole gang.
another day.
another set of sunset pics.
look at the bird.

i don't think i will ever do this.
but if i do, it would for sure be this time of day!

one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.

all three grandkids.
the look of a long day at the beach.


siesta key 4 . . . water park

papa g found a great little water park.
so we piled up all the kids and went for a visit.
they had cool stuff.
and lots of water guns.
this face says alot about the place.

the kids enjoyed the small slide.

august enjoyed the wheel.
here he is sliding. he didn't enjoy this quite so much.
there was a big kid slide too.
water was falling everywhere.
the shoe thief was at it here too.
(august didn't meet a pair of shoes to big, small, or girlie that he couldn't wear while on vacation.)

this place was a huge hit.
we will definitely visit it again.
i just don't know if i can wait until the next beach trip.
good call papa g!