the brother is earning his keep

its been busy sewing for the last three days.

mending my old clown costume for august to wear.
my mom made it for me when i was 2.
her last ever BIG sewing project.
something about having a 2 year old hanging on her while sewing on a t.v. tray made her quit?!?!?

sewing a costume for parker.
it's a surprise!! (i promise to show you next week!)
here is a little sneak peek:
can you guess what it is?

and sewing my first quilt.
for a charity.
their site it down--hope this is not a bad sign.

i am loving sewing.
and learning by mistake-
like you can't iron felt.
and sewing machine needles will make you bleed.

and i had to throw in this picture:

because its cute.
and reminds me of days when kari and i played together,
while our moms got crafty and did things like hanging wallpaper for days and days.
we sure are lucky that our boys are going up together too.



impromptu crafting

bonny called and said "wanna get crafty?"
of course my reply was "yes!"

so she and brooker (a.k.a bubba - that's auggie's name for him) came over.
and the mamas got crafty while the boys played and ate lunch over a shared tray.
crafty things to do list:
bonny - 2 bracelets
erin - crinkly blanket and make thank you cards

things that got done:
LOTS of catching up
1 bracelet
1/2 way through blanket (that should only take about 15 min)
TONS of crafty ideas shared

the verdict:
we need to do this more often
i cannot measure, cut, and piece together while talking

hope we can do it again soon.
does anyone want to join us?


first overnight camping of the year

saturday night we had our first overnight stay in the woods this season.
the weather was perfect for campfires, s'mores, breakfast over the fire,
jeep riding, and all things outdoors.

august used the screwdriver as his gun.
he even sprinkled his black powder over it before taking each shot.
he mowed the grass.
and checked the blades to see if any repairs needed to be made.

we always eat well at camp.
including breakfast cooked over the fire.
deer venison, scrambled eggs,

and grilled toast.
there is always plenty of planes flying by,
and august doesn't miss one of them.

he makes sure we all know about them too.


friday night live

friday night live - a downtown wauchula get together of sorts.
bonny turned us on to it.
they were selling pumpkins.
so we loaded up and headed over.
august took a catnap.
and he wasn't quite ready to wake up when we got there.

still tired and quietly observing from the pumpkin.

photo op with gran.

they were having hay rides pulled by this big red tractor.

they also had a good band,
homemade goodies for sale,
a pumpkin seed spitting contest,
bounce house,
and more.

we hung out at the revell pumpkin patch.
the boys played hard.
they even spotted this car.
patiently waited for it to be abandoned.
and took the plunge when they thought the coast was clear.

we can't wait to go back for another friday night live.

museum class

the children's museum started offering a class for 2 and 3 year olds.
so we tried it out.

august wasn't sure about being in a room full of strangers.
he stopped fussing to make his paper plate puppet, but still wasn't happy about it.
he wanted no part in the dancing that brooker was more than willing to do.

he even make a break for the door.

it was all because he really wanted to spend some time on the fire truck.
and tell mama that it was his hat!
so much that you could almost see his tonsils.

and who could really argue with this face?

i think we will give it another try.
even if we have to slip in the back door to bypass the fire truck!


vegas baby

yep, we went again.
this time for a fun only trip.

the hotel was beautifully decorated for fall.
(the pumpkins in the middle are actually a water feature.)
we went with:
eddie and erica

us (of course)

and thad and renee

the lack of humidity in the desert will make grown men wear colored lip gloss.
those were some hurtin' lips.
we spent time in the sports book watching college football.
and eating some great food from (emeril) lagasse's stadium restaurant.

with 6 people, cab rides were more than a limo.
so limos it was!
thad really can smile like a normal person.
i just don't seem to have a pic of him doing it!

once again the food in vegas was amazing.
the shopping was great.
the gambling was entertaining.
the time away was relaxing.
and the company was the best!

the sun setting on our time in vegas.

we are ready to go back already.
but our wallet says to wait just a little while!


pumpkin patch

we visited the revell pumpkin patch.

there are oh so many to pick from. it was such a hard decision.
we had to sit and think about it a bit.
but we couldn't leave without a conversation over the pumpkins.
and a good game of you can't catch me.


august right now

it is hard to believe that a week ago today our little man turned 2.
here he is on his actual birthday.
m & m lips and all!

here are some things we want to remember from "right now":

*he loves to ride his truck, the jeep, lawn mower, golf cart, and just about anything that moves and has a wheel.

*he also loves all the keys that belong to the above

*"shippers" (better know as stickers) can keep his little hands busy for quite awhile.

*he can use any object as a golf club/bat and hit just about any object that will move.
and he even has a good follow through!

*there are 4 major food groups: the crunchy carbs group (cereal, pretzels, crackers, chips), yogurt (regular and whipped) and milk group, dried fruit group, and the m & m group.

*he loves shoes (especially his rubber boots), underwear over diapers, and hats.

*he is a good kisser

*and he is soaking in new things, words, and actions everyday

mostly importantly, we love him to pieces!


e.n. turns 1 today

happy birthday big, little guy.
sorry we missed your party.
we were sending love your way.

can't wait to see you
and get my lips on those sweet cheeks!


annual cleaning of the camp

every year camp gets a good cleaning, both inside and out.

loving a john deere with a little duck tape.
apparently they still run, even is the hood falls completely off.
yes, somewhere on jahna lane, there is one that has suffered more abuse than this one.
i guess they saying holds true, "nothing runs like a deere."
taking a mowing break to swing

walking through the unmowed grass
blaze got some exercise in, but is still a little out of shape for quail hunting.
this dog sure does love being in the woods.
a t-shirt refashion, and i use the term fashion loosely.
but it did cool things down!
no fancy equipment needed, just a good 'ole pair of scissors.
and finally a little neck dirt to prove that camp is clean
and a hard days work has been put in.


celebrating 2

the invite
happy birthday banner

sweet treats

(i am still finding sprinkles around the house!)

face painting

the "artist" at work on the birthday boy.

mini corn dogs

corn dogs

playing peek-a-boo under the table

loving balloons

bean bag toss

new tee ball set minus the tee (august doesn't always feel the need to use it!)

parker sleeping through it all.

cline takes his turn up to bat.

august realizes what that red and blue thing is for.

shelby taking it all in

"yummy goldfish mrs. erin"

"oh wait, let me ham it up for you!"

"but mom, it is so much more fun when you are in the box."

cake time

family photos

(august did a little head move there. daddy got to kiss sweaty hair!)

proof that he actually touched his cake this year.

messy, good cupcakes

opening up those great gifts

clean up time

the paparazzi (sp?) are at it again.
notice each boy is looking at a different person with a different camera.

we had a wonderful time celebrating auggie's birthday.
thanks family and friends for spending some time with us to honor such a sweet little boy.