march from the iphone

not exactly the picture taking month,
but a busy one none the less.

moments like this are numbered,
so i'm cherishing each one i can get.

enjoying a night off from the ball fields and more daylight.

the shelf incident.
it was as painful as it looks,
but fortunately was not broken and healed well.

my girl in pigtails called for some selfie action.

baseball trophy and party time!


my grandmama

not even sure where to really begin,
but my dear sweet grandmama jo passed away.

there are so many things i want to say.
since i'm not the greatest writer, a simple list will have to do.

she was a loving wife, mama, grandmama, and great grandmama.
a teacher with a degree in social work.
an avid florida state fan and alumni.
(football was her favorite.)
a very good cook and the best at black-eyed peas.
member of the first babtist church.
a cowbelle.

some of the things i remember the most:
like her picking me up from school and taking me to get ice cream at the freeze king.
our mondays spent together in the summer while mama worked at the market.
her pedal hat she wore while hunting.
she was a lover of sweets, especially chocolate.
running around at family dinners making sure everything was just so,
and no one was in need of anything.
going to an aerobics class together (we talking jane fonda stuff here.).
taking deserts to the cowbells for the county fair.
snoring at the bed and breakfast, making august sit up and laugh in the middle of the night.
her love of dr. pepper
(which august always called spicy coke. ironic, because she did NOT like spicy food.)
taking me over the fence on the stairs out to feed the dogs.
hours spent at the neighbors pool and her never getting her face wet.
weekends at little gasparilla with with whole family, mrs. betty and the pace crew.
her stories from florida state of going to the sweet shop, swim class at the indoor pool (same place i took swimming), passing out in the bathroom from sickness, and living in the attic at landis.
losing her wedding and engagement rings at a freezing cold florida-florida state game to be found in the bathroom by a security guard.
and many, many more.

you are loved, missed, and thought about everyday.
thank you for being everything that you were and are.
love you, erin