since i'm on a blogging roll

here are the pictures from tatum's birthday party/one year old session/christmas card session.
(i'm all about multitasking the picture taking sessions when it comes to kids!!)

god sure has blessed us with some wonderful babies.


north carolina

after christmas, we took a trip to north carolina with trav's family.
it was wonderful and relaxing.

soaked up some really cold weather.
ate lots of yummy soups.
sat and did lots of reading by the fire.
played a quick, cold game at the playground.
got a sprinkling of snow.
went on a train ride,
to a town with lots of closed shops.
but ran into a college friend.
ate yummy mexican at a restaurant with reportedly very cold beer.
we not sure though, it was a sunday!
munched on s'mores.
did some snow tubing.
and ice skating.
hit up the fun factory for some arcade time.
ran into more friends from back home.
watched lots of football.
ate a traditional southern new year's day dinner.
visited the dillard house to ride horses,
but the stables were closed.
ate some yummy pizza at mama g's.
played pool and ping pong almost nightly.
visited a waterfall.
hiked the nearby trail.




and soaked up good, quality time with family.


a rainy valentine's

hearts, cards, and candy are abundant here.
the rain just keeps drizzling.
taking the pollen with it.
our boy is home.
see above pollen!
i'm working on checking off my list.
which includes editing pictures from our north carolina trip.
but now, i'm off to make a hungry boy some mac and cheese.


toilet paper

every child must do it.

and i couldn't help myself.
i just had to look back and find her brother's shenanigans.

and this just happened to be in the same folder.
still amazed at how much they look alike and can make the same facial expressions.