much of today was spent making....

::a dent in my to do list for the week

::art creations for mama and daddy

::messes for mama to clean

::yummy deviled eggs and cucumber salad

::moments that melt a mama's heart

::noise with a homemade drum set

::up games and imaginary play

::progress on our outdoor fireplace

::a stack of cut fabric ready to be sewn into all kinds a goodies

(and obviously, i can't take credit for it all!)


the blogging roll stopped

but i'm back at it again with some instagram pics.
this girl doesn't like shoes, unless she's got them on her hands.

climbing up on the couch all by herself.
and tries to get on the side tables too.
i'm in for it with this one!

getting some sprints in....need to get back at that.

while the northeast was having a blizzard......

now march has been colder than january!?!?

august taught me step-by-step how to make hearts.
he's a detailed and patient teacher!
then we decorated them.

baby girl had two -itis' and an ear infection in both ears.
here she is taking a rare nap on mama's chest.

the day of his first t-ball game.....
more pics to come from this big day.

and q married u.....
once again, more pics to come.

don't get me started on how good roasted carrots and broiled zucchini are.

another saturday game & his first home run.
(just on another hit.)

august has been on me about buying cuties.
('cause there for kids ya know!)
but they're from california,
and i've had family on the florida's natural oj carton.
so i hope that one can cancel out the other.
and how can you say no to a boy begging for real food from the grocery store.

caught red handed in her brother's cheez-it's!

we can't keep bananas in this house.
my littlest monkey snacking before making sure her ears were all clear (they are!).

more to come from the world of t-ball and letters getting married!!