lazy day

it started out with homemade blueberry muffins.
you must try them.
i promise you won't buy another box.
august did some painting, while i blog surfed.

later in the afternoon, hand stitching while watching the walton's.
call me old fashioned, but i love the slow pace of hand stitching.
it doesn't hurt that i can go back in time with the walton's and little house on the prairie.

sneaking in a little chocolate break.

finishing touches on a birthday gift.

now i may go accomplish a few things on my to do list.
or not.


molly jane's splash party

i can't believe that molly jane is already two!!
her mama and daddy invited everyone over to celebrate splash party style.
and did these kids ever have a great time.

such a laid back and perfect party for a sunday afternoon.


he would say

"i've had a long, hard day."
but don't be fooled...
it was full of long, hard play.


almost 100% (again)

our scene changed from the previous post, and just in time for a great weekend.
it was filled with a photography class (for mama),
a birthday dinner,
some pool time,
a splash birthday party,
and a much better boy.

then mama and daddy took a business trip to vegas with a few extra days of pleasure thrown in for good measure.
but, then last week we had the crud again.
i guess my body felt left out and decided a good ole head cold was in order.
so we spend lots of time resting, cuddling, painting, and playing inside.
but i am happy to report that the doc says august is much, much better!
(and i feel better too.)

so i'll be doing some catch up on our fun over the next few days.
better late that never, right?

there is one thing that i just couldn't wait to share:
an outfit makeover.
a classic ecru linen with ruffles and trim.
my most favorite little girl outfits EVER!
except the initials didn't exactly match the beautiful little lady all set to wear it.

so in come doilies from amy's dear grandmother.

with some snipping and hand sewing,
we have a perfect little dedication outfit.

it's almost as if it was meant to be.