tatum: 6 months old

it's hard to believe that half a year as already passed.
even harder to remember life without tatum.
she is still as happy as ever.
her brother can make her laugh harder than anyone else.
they are interacting more and more everyday.
when a familiar face or voice walks into a room, she just lights up.
weighed in at a whopping (haha) 12 lbs 10 ounces at 5.5 months,
but measured 26 1/2 inches....long and lean.
has had her first of many, many lake days.
loves making noises, especially blowing out air with her pacifier in.
flips and flops like a wild woman.
is ready for something besides mama's milk to fill her belly,
but still nursing beautifully.
is about to out grow bath time in mama's sink.
and has been a true blessing.

 love you tatum!


end of the year program

an end of the year program?
i can't believe that it has happened so fast.
or that this little one is quickly approaching 6 months.
and that this guy is getting closer and closer to starting kindergarten.
mama is so thankful for an october birthday and one more year until "real" school starts.

before the program, august told me he was going to be a stage singer when he grew up.
and that tonight was his practice.
though we may be slightly partial,
he did a great job and made us so proud.

when school started, kacee was his only friend that he really knew in his class.
here's a smile from her.

getting all the moves done just right!

and then kacee did this for the rest of the program!

one of his new buddies, jack,

and tripp,

and kaleb, his buddy that he can't sit by in chapel because they talk too much!

school has been such a wonderful experience for august this year.
he has learned so much and grown his personality.
his teachers have been awesome and loving.
and not once have i had to worry about him while he's there.
(except for maybe what he might do!)
not much more a mama could ask for.

so proud of you august....
you're growing up right!


filling in the gaps via instagram

forgive me if i've already mentioned these things or shared the pictures,
but i'm pretty sure this is where i left off on my phone.

meet utah:
our new hunting dog,
and blaze's new companion.
he's a sweetie and very well trained...
if only the  hole diggin' and dragging off shoes could get under control!

batman protecting downtown:
more importantly the blueberry patch.
mama's favorite place to shop!

nap carefully:
you just may wake up with bandaids across your face!

catching our big mouse:
yes, we had a furry friend that no longer lives here.
2 days of tip toeing was plenty enough for me!
(no, kelly and erica, he had nothing on our friend in college!!)

new message board for the laundry room:
my first trip to hobby lobby and this empty frame was among some goodies to come home.
with a few screws, twine, and an extra set of hands a message board was born.

my new kitchen gadget:
a tortilla press for homemade corn tortillas.
sooooo yummy!

 august eating his first chicken nugget:
"this is the best chicken nugget mama!"
like he would know!?!?!

enough said.

visiting grandma re:
some story time was in order.

catching some zzz's:
way too cute!

smallest concrete finisher in town:
works for pizza.
yes, another new food added to his aresenal!


catching up

i am so behind in this blogging gig that i am going to go ahead and back date my posts.
and attempt to check it all up today.
we've got a big night ahead with august's end of the year program,
and his side kick robin is coming to visit this weekend!!

you may have to click on older posts to see them all.

and i hate to not leave you with a few new pics:
tatum enjoying her bumbo for the first time on 4.14

while her brother was camping under our bed.
we thought he was asleep,
but the joke was on us,
cause he cheesed as soon as the camera came out!


dog pens

we've started building dog pens out back.
the trucks started coming in, so we went out to check it out.

supervisor #1:

supervisor #2:

the boom truck with block and footers

and the concrete truck ready to pour

we had the best concrete and finishers in town!

now comes the art work:
turkey tracks

with a hunter following his trail.

and no slab would be complete without hand prints

and footprints.

a few days later the fence starts to go up.

more updates to come as the pens are still under construction!