new room

success the first night.
although he did fall asleep in daddy's lap.
so we've yet to see if he can do it on his own.


::this week::

this week, we have been,

::putting up black-eyed peas, a family favorite (or at least a mama favorite!).

::loving vbs and shaking it up with the lord.

::growing leaps and bounds at swim lessons and watching our boy get more courageous each and every time.

::celebrating a very special some one's birthday.

::watching as mama's belly starts to grow with new life!


taking a break

from the not so fun on my to do list.
to work on the fun stuff for a few moments. cutting up travis' old dress shirts to make a quilt for my boy.
the first steps in my first real quilt.


before this weekend starts,

i'll share pictures from last weekend.
we stayed busy with birthday parties,
lake time, woods time,
pool time, and visiting family.

we started out with shelby's birthday party.

there were girls everywhere.

in fact, august was the only boy.
he wasn't too sure about that.

happy birthday shelby!

erica and the kids came to town.
august was so happy to see his cousins.

on sunday everyone gathered at mom and dad's for some time on the lake.

all the little ones (except august) went for a ride on the airhead.
e.n. is thinking real hard about what he is getting into.

hannah graciously volunteered to ride with them.

all set and ready to go.

enjoying the ride.

august hung back with nonae and was "manually' pulled in the tube.

all the grandparents were having a blast with the kids.

dad was pumping up the max liquidator.
very talented that man!

travis took a ride on the airhead,
and we fully enjoyed watching him ride.

the boys enjoying some tube time by the shore.

and bailee wiped out!

the high school girls enjoyed their time riding wild.
(love kelsie's face!)

dad fixed up the s.s. minnow.
the boys enjoyed taking it for a spin.

i believe it's taking in less water than it did when we were in college going down the river.

a wonderful long weekend spent soaking up the beginning of summer,
and all the good stuff that goes with it!