first one: done
second one: 3 steps closer to done
third one: somewhere in the middle

many more to go,
and i am enjoying each and every moment of it!


lights, lights, lights

we took the kids to see the lights at dorothy b. owen park while in tally.
i must warn you.....the kids were silly!
and totally hamming it up for me.

the kids were pretending to be in joville.
(joville is a family secret place....kinleigh, i am working on some more joville stories for you!)

the wise men and woman?!?!

we were beginning to get worried,
but the frog was just around the last corner.
click here for pictures of our trip last year to see the lights.


auggie's first tailgate

august went to his very first official florida state tailgate party the day we played uf.
the weather was perfect football weather,
the food was great,
and the people were wonderful!

kinleigh picked the right team attire.

her daddy did not!
sure was hard for eddie to be discrete after the game. nonae and her boys.
they played hard and acted just like little boys!

we found this great tee pee a few tailgates down.

and corn hole at yet another tailgate.
grandmama, me, and mom ready for the big game!

our beloved noles pulled out a huge win over the gators!!!
way to go noles!!



the kids snacked while waiting for the parade to start.
cheetos...auggie's favorite! (somehow his face stayed clean?)

we think its starting!
there were trains,
ronald mcdonald (or as august calls him, old mcdonald),
and of course the big guy himself!

they were many great floats,
and the kids enjoyed all the candy that was passed out.
good thing we go to the dentist pretty soon!


working gloves

this boy loves to help daddy and all the men at hunting camp,
but he really loves using all tools the big boys use!


camp christmas tree

some may call it redneck,
but we sure did have fun and august LOVED it.

we rode out on the jeep to find the perfect tree.
travis cut it down and we hauled it back to camp
to plant and decorate. i tried to sneak in some hammock time,
but it only lasted about 30 seconds.
because the decorations were calling my name.
pretty creative ornaments?!?!
all decorated up.
and finally, all lit up!!

please excuse the my out of order blogging that is going to occur over this next week (hopefully?)
working on getting caught up with editing and sewing,
so the "quick and easys" will roll out first!


shutterfly offer

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pretty easy, right?

last year shutterfly provided the perfect card for our favorite picture of our little guy.
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we received so many compliments last year on our christmas card, and my parents liked them so much that they are using shutterfly this year for their christmas card as well. we will be too, and so can you. here's the link: http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-photo-cards

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sneek peek

of our very busy weekend.
after we filled our bellies thursday,
we headed north to tally for the weekend.

friday meet us with some birthday fun.
meet thing 1 and thing 2.
what a fun birthday party.

saturday was a perfect day for football,
and august enjoyed his first tailgate.
tackling a gator.
that seemed to happen quite a bit on saturday.

and sunday we spent the day lazing around until dusk.
then loaded up the kids and headed to the park for christmas lights.
a full and fun weekend.
more pics of all our fun to follow.