we started our celebrations with the smith family.
travis and mom sharing some super secret deer information.
and dad's carving the turkey.

tatum and uncle kenny have fun with her shoe.

and the boys played superheros.

while the women chatted.

and the men supervised the superheros.

after dinner, i took mom and dad's christmas card pictures.
dad snapped a few of mom and i.

then we made our way to the hunting camp,
to visit with all the stivenders and get in some good deserts.
tatum had some fun with nonae's plate!

grandma re and her greats.

and the greats and grands (except trav, he was still out on a jeep ride.)

look at her eyeing zack!

after spending the night at camp,
we awoke to a chilly morning,
and was august would say, "a big buck deer."

lee and gage with his deer.

so much to be thankful for this holiday and everyday.


tatum: one year old

as i sit and think back to a year ago,
i was sitting in a hospital bed with our new baby.
in ways it feels like she has always been here.
but then again, it feels just like yesterday we meet her for the first time.

so special,
full of life,
yet feisty,
and so much more.

she has four teeth now,
wouldn't touch her cake
(just like her big brother!),
has moved without holding on from a chair to mama,
but still not walking.
she's do it all in her own time,
because she is, in fact, her own person.
and we enjoy seeing just who that is more and more everyday.

she loves:
to wave (at everyone and everything),
play patty cake,
have her own spoon at dinner time,
play hide-and-seek with her bother,
tease mama with sharing her food,
laugh along with everyone,
her bother,
her daddy,
and mama too!

tatum ray,
happy first birthday!
your very smitten family


an insta update

some things i've blogged about.
some things i haven't.
last week was full with lots of:
camping, family,
giving thanks,
birthday celebrating,
football watching,
some more camping thrown in for good measure,
and lots of picture taking.

here's what my phone has captured over the last several weeks.
collaboration with my talented cousin.

a hard hat wearing doctor/hunter.

farm field tripping.

magic kingdom visiting.

holiday magazine recycling.

letter receiving happiness.

finding 20% rain chances.

cold camper snuggling.

vintage sheet loving.

soothing fussy sleeper.

cake plate sneaking.

superboy hair stylin'.

cousin loving.

campfire kattywhompus story telling.

sunday jeep riding.



i love this boy's imagination!


weekend at camp



::more teeth coming in

::new baby cousin loving

::hanging with papa g

::airplane flying

::lots of smiling and waving

::ipad playing

::more swinging

::tired snuggling

::dog loving

::afternoon dozing

::jeep riding

::campfire singing

::hand-me-down wearing

a wonderful weekend indeed!

and here is august wearing the same jacket not so long ago: