our weekend....

in a nutshell:
a first meeting.
lots of snuggles.
checking out tiny little body parts.

becoming smitten.
having lots of questions.

time with cousins who are also friends.

strawberry picking.
chicken's jumping in cars.
projectile spit ups.

building workbenches.

reading the "map."
and thanking the lord that stickers weren't removed from parts!

jeep rides.
camp fires.
good food.

staying warm.
not wanting to say goodbye.

let's do it again, real soon.


it happens so fast

i remember snuggling on mary kate when she was tatum's size.
and just look at how she has grown.

already smiling at each other.
i think these two will become fast friends!



not exactly what i needed,
but exactly what i had been craving.

thanks for the family date night, babe!


iphone dump

dumping pics from my iphone.

august with his buddies at the children's museum.
they enjoyed the face paint!

preparing the recycling at hunting camp.

chomping teeth = $.075 well spent

snuggled up in the moby.

a daily walk for the mail.
and my favorite mail carrier.

deep blue eyes.

tailgating at camp.

heading out for a hunt.

fireside celebrating samantha's birthday.
and tatum first girl's night!

per superman's request.


hunting camp

the past few weekends we have spent time down at the hunting camp.
it has some a long way from the beginning.
the guys have really worked hard to make it nice.
and us women especially appreciate it.

when i say we camp, i use the term loosely....
we have campers,
but also power, running water,
and direct tv for football games.

august has taken to quail hunting.
he gets quite upset in the mornings when he finds out he as been left.
but enjoys it so much when they take him out later.

the cook shed needs just a few finishing touches,
but is looking pretty good.

some serious good food has already been cooked here.
(erica, my football is safely at home.
august felt the need to take it to camp to decorate!)

one of the guy's many philosophies i'm sure.

antler chandler.

our big screen tv.
that caught fire a few hours later.
guess we'll be on the hunt for a new one.
'cause you know we can't miss any college football!

hanging rack.

with some clever concrete art.

more concrete art over by the grill.

and finally the bathroom concrete art.

any guesses on what sss stands for?


great outdoors

we are enjoying the outdoors here at the new house.
travis and august were able to see a large covey of quail the other day.
and get a picture of a male and female together.

august enjoys fishing in the pond.

and the sun setting through the pines is just awesome.

country living at it's finest!