pizza burger...hold the bun

a few weeks ago travis and i got creative in the kitchen.
we made our very own pizza burgers.

i must admit this creation was so dang good
that i didn't even stop to take a picture.
(when we make them again, and we will, i promise to update with a picture!)

pizza burger...hold the bun:
ground beef
ricotta cheese
pizza sauce (we used this recipe, left over from homemade pizza)
fresh mozzarella

patty out burger and grill or pan fry. place cooked burger in oven safe pan or skillet. top with about 1 tablespoon ricotta cheese, then 2 tablespoons pizza sauce, and finish off with some sliced fresh mozzarella. broil until cheese is nicely melted. serve.


lazy blogger syndrome

i said i was back,
and then took another week off.
i guess i have lazy blogger syndrome!!
(i wonder if that phrase as already been coined?)

dropping in to say hello and tease you with this:

and this:

off to put this monkey down for a nap.

promise to show off my goodies soon.
along with some posts i promised awhile back!


turning one

there is nothing like that first birthday party.
and we were so glad to be a part of this one.

molly jane sporting her tutu and 1 shirt.

her very own gigantic cupcake.

my cutie taking it in.

time to dig in.

and dig in she did.

getting some help from friends.

molly jane is such a beauty.
and growing up so very fast.


brooker turned three

well over a month ago.
but we had so much fun,
that i can't help but post it,
even if it is waaaay late!

photos are courtesy of my dear friend, kari.
thanks for sharing them with me!

the party was a hunting theme.
everyone was decked out in their camo!

these two had a blast with the espn ball set.
they even did really well taking turns.

the girls

ready for our buggy ride

loooove this picture of jamie (brooker's aunt)!


we only saw one deer on our ride,
but some other hunter saw him first.
he was a goner when we got there!

pinata goody grabbing

handsome little parker

more sisters

cake and ice cream time
brooker dug in

the beautiful photographer and her little one


"mama, i have a 'prise' (surprise) for you!"

it was that little blue ball. not the two sets of dominoes thrown all over the floor.
i guess you could say that i really had two 'prises.'

but who could get mad at that cute thing with the big brown eyes?


i did something really mean

baked bread.doesn't sound so bad.
unless you are cutting sugars
and watching your carb intake.

i used this recipe.
and boy is it good.
slather on some butter.

now gotta run...
so i can light a candle
and hide the bread
from my low carb eating husband.

p.s. he has so much will power, it probably wouldn't even matter.
as you can tell....i don't!


first pepper

going into some homemade salsa.
to top our chicken tacos.


they're back...

and i am too!!
lots to post about:
birthday parties,
my first family portrait session,
garden updates,
new dresses, shirts, and other baby items,
a new dinner recipe,
and more!

a few side notes:
*august spares no mercy on love bugs that make their way into the front door, and there are many. they have found an early death by dust buster. so be warned love bugs--do not enter the stivender household!!
*my "new to me" camera made it into my hot little hands on friday!!!! woohoo, a camera that is working! i can finally get back to documenting our life.