we don't really play dominoes the right way around here.
it's the set 'em up and knock 'em down kinda playing.
and we like it.

tatum was also showing off her skills,
but is getting to tall to get herself out.
(and not real happy about it!)



we traveled to tallahassee to see erica and the kids.
and had a wonderful weekend despite august battling a fever.

this toothless wonder is so stinkin' cute.....
just like taylor swift,
even though saying taylor swift without your two front teeth is tough!

thinkin' she's hot stuff on the slide.

getting mad.

and throwing herself to the ground.

it's batman....

no it's hulk.

and she walks!!!!
a few steps, then she's down again,
but it's gonna happen soon.

saturday morning we were able to watch e.n. play t-ball.

he did a great job.
august was excited to be a watcher and not a player for a change.

later that afternoon, we headed to the stadium for the garnet and gold game.
august wasn't feeling so hot when we first arrived,
but the motrin kicked in he made it to his first nole game.

daddy telling him all about the stadium and game.

his first tomahawk chop in the stadium!!

the price family was also in town for the game.
we had so much fun hanging out with them.

me and my girl.

huntley wouldn't look at me,
but had strategically placed his daddy's sticker.

some old players were there to keep us entertained during halftime.

it's time for more medicine:(

the whole gang headed back to erica's to hang out,
let the kids run wild,
and indulge is some yummy oysters and cold beer.

a wonderful weekend indeed!
(august continued to fight a fever.
diagnosis.......sinuses and throat.)



she's making sure progress is being made on the back porch.



the easter bunny stopped by early on easter sunday.
but first, he went to a few of our favorite places to shop....
the blueberry patch and publix!

then we were off to church to celebrate our risen lord!

sharing m&m's to keep tatum happy.

later in the afternoon, we finally died our easter eggs.

and had a few egg hunts.

a truly blessed day!