october from the iphone

silliness trying to capture a newly toothless grin.

celebrating 7 with the family.

bird dog silhouette painting for the back porch.

new do for mama.

chuck e. cheese for the birthday boy and his buddy.

johnson stivender got a monogram pumpkin from my favorite place to shop.

gran got her first buck!

cow hide and a bible.  love small town living.

my machine took a break from working.
drove a cadillac for a few days.
the pinto is back up and running, and i kinda like how simple she is.
but, that caddy had some cool perks too!

being goofy while waiting to see the dr.

well protected at the homecoming parade.

princess day at dance.

our pirate and cat all ready for the costume parade.


family shots at the beach

this is always by far the hardest set of pictures to edit every year.
there are so many....
good ones,
bad ones,
eyes closed,
somebody looking away,
grouchy little girls who fall asleep right before picture time.
but, they are a treat to look back through year after year.

so without further ado....


mrs. pat's quilt

our beloved swim teacher, mrs. pat,
entrusted me to a very special project:
to finish a quilt that her mother started for her.

bits and pieces from her childhood clothing
were cut and sewn together to form dresden plates.
after much ironing those darn things would.not.lay.flat.
the original plan was tweaked in order to keep as much of the original work as possible.
and the fans were born from there.
each fan is hand appliqued, and then the blocks were sewn together.
the binding is made of the extra pieces of fabric for a scrappy look.
i opted for tying instead of quilting.
it just felt like the right thing for this quilt.

so 30 years after it was started,
it is now being loved on!


party time

last friday night we had the family over for august's birthday.
he couldn't have been happier,
family, pizza, and presents!

we also made him blow out candles stuck into a brownie.
he made it very clear that he was NOT going to eat that brownie!
(paper bag face clearly resembles paper bag head from that new orleans trip long ago!
i clearly need to find that picture!)


science night

a few weeks ago, august and i went to the school's science night.
there were so many great activities,
and sooo many people.
we had fun,
but darted out early to get some quiet.
sometimes he's alot like his mama!


7 years ago

7 years ago this boy made me a mama.
i can't think of a more perfect fit for our family.
he's funny,
good looking,
a deep thinker,
full of questions,
builder of legos,
and big hearted.

yesterday he lost his second front tooth.
a day after school pictures,
but just before his birthday.
doing things in his own time that one.
we went outside to capture his new smile,
and little sister was right there by his side.
just as she is most days.

*in that particular moment, he wanted to be a photographer, so i let him have at the camera.  not too bad.