cleaning out my inbox

finally got around to cleaning out my inbox.
a.k.a. saving pictures that have been sent to me.
so forgive how random they are, but i wanted to share.

august was for some reason pouting when gran got her first deer.
dad couldn't have captured it better.

this is from over a year ago.
look how little the boys are.

heidi "shot" me in action one night at our photography class.
she called it erin stivender photography, inc.
i kinda like the sound of that!

i think he's saying, "whoa, this thing is fast."
kinleigh was probably praying.

this two hams were practicing future dance moves.

and finally, august at the tea room.
picture this: 4 moms,
1 four year old,
3 two year olds (all boys!),
and 1 eight month old
with many of our "northern" visitors
just around the corner in the other room.
they were surprisingly good,
only one dish got broken,
and not even one scowl or comment from anyone!


garden addition

but first, let me show you what is growing:
my very first tomatoes!
boy i can't wait to slice those babies and top with a little salt and pepper.
maybe throw on some fresh mozzarella and basil (also, from the garden).
summertime bliss!

but on to the addition:
not just one, but two pepper plants.
grilled poppers are also in our near future.

i must admit, i am really enjoying this gardening thing.


could've been in trouble

if i would have had my camera when we left st. george island,
and ventured into apalachicola.
there were so many neat shops.
and old buildings to take pics in front of.

of course it would have required some cooperation from the monkeys.

not sure if i could have tamed diva monkey and jumping monkey.
but stroller monkey stayed cool and calm!
of course, jumping monkey was probably still stoked about his blue gumball
from the enormous gumball machine.
somehow i knew that color would roll out.
i mean, we were in white after all!


ready, set, shop

this little man knows how to kick back and relax for some shopping with mama.
too bad he didn't last long in the stroller.
but i still found some great things.

and i dread the day those boots don't fit anymore!


and the conversation went like this

"what happened to your diaper, august?"
"it broket, mama." fortunately, he didn't wet the bed, yesterday.
today...that's another story.


sorry for the grainy iphone pic.
my camera is still "broket."


happy earth day

today's post over at simple mom is
40 tips to go green at home (besides just recycling).

i must say that there are some i do easily,
and others i have to make a conscious effort
(turning off lights when leaving a room!).

a few that i am currently doing:
shopping locally for produce - go to mccracken farms (great FRESH produce, great prices)
homemade cleaners - vinegar water for mopping tile
reading animal, vegetable, miracle
going to watch food, inc.

2 things that are going to happen:
stop to unsolicited mail (as soon as i finish this post!)
fixing a leaky faucet (hopefully this weekend)

that should bring me up to half way mark on the list of 40.
next year, i hope to say that we are doing even more of those things around here.

please tell me, what are some "green" things you do?
every little hint or tip counts!


and because vacation just isn't vacation

unless we have some sort of illness
or allergic reaction.
check out those eyes! he can still hoola-hoop though.


late afternoon loving

i love a late afternoon (technically early evening) at the beach.
the sun is getting ready to set,
the cool breeze is blowing,
and the lighting is perfect for picture taking.

erica and eddie-
we enjoyed our time with you guys so much.
thank you for having us.


easter eggs

while on the island we dyed easter eggs. using america's favorite tradition, paas
something in my head said,
"take off those white t-shirts."
so the kids went topless.
good thing too.
august dumped over a cup of blue dye.
us mama's cleaned up the island, cushion, and white wicker chair
(those things have thousands of slots!),
and took a big sip of our daquiries.
all was good again!

this picture right here makes me want to dye eggs all over again!


water hoses & shells

two very simple things that kept these guys entertained for quite some time.

tired anyone?


sneak peak reveal

saw this and just had to make one for a special little girl that was turning four. one for barbies (test run) and one for bigger dolls.

she loved them!
as a matter of fact,
they traveled everywhere we went,
which just melted my heart!

i must add this little quote from our trip:
"goldfish are made from fish.
i'm FOUR and KNOW it!"


thank you and some happenings

thank you so much ladies for all those wonderful compliments on molly jane's pictures.
those blooming azaleas, white dress,
and beautiful girl made it.
all i had to do was push that button down!

which leads me to:
happening #1
my camera is not working properly.
worked with canon service department and still no luck.
so, i have some options,
none of which are cheap.
so, katie, i would love to capture those girls,
but i'll have to figure out the camera situation first.

happening #2
last week we did some networking at mops for our at home businesses.
i sewed like a crazy women in between dr. appointments and such,
and made some really cute stuff.
i hope to post them soon.
(when i can bring myself to fight that camera and take some pics!)

i have been known to be a last minute kind of girl,
but waiting till last week to sew for thursday was a bit much.
however, i have a very good excuse:
happening #3
we were out of town for the easter holiday.
enjoying some time with erica, eddie, and kids.

taking in this view:

from this house:

found on:

so many pictures to share,
even with a camera that wasn't functioning properly.
be back soon with more!


molly jane

i don't think we could have planned this any better!
that girl of yours is gorgeous.
eric better start checking those dead bolts soon.
hope to do it again.