traveling christmas

after presents, breakfast, and play at home,
we traveled north to have christmas with gran and pa.

a new wooden peg bench.
pa doing some karate kid moves with his new ribbon headband.
a last minute sewing project.
shoes bags for both mom and toni,
i think they loved them as much as i did!
a new seminole tricycle
this is the ornament that my elf fingers were working so hard to finish.
super easy and 3 of them were whipped up rather quickly.
the hardest part was getting that hand print.
thank goodness for hard sleepers.

my mom's family came over for lunch.
and man did we eat good.
the sanders family.
cameron with a tebow impression.
(i got some video footage and promise to post later--way too funny!!)
opening gifts.
travis got this book too.
the photography is AMAZING!
later that afternoon we traveled to poppa g and nonae's for time with travis' family.
lily and august ran, crawled,
played ball,
and jumped until they were both plum worn out and silly.

lily loved her new doll.
and august tried once again to ride the miniature tricycle.
hope he has a better voice than his mama.
a really tired, happy, loved, and grateful little boy.

christmas at home

after christmas eve candlelight service,
we came back to the house to open presents with poppa g and nonae.

august was excited to see his new tent and tunnel with thomas the train.
he loved sporting his new shoes, sans pants (i guess they were bothering him?),
and checking out mama's new bag.

he only had two meltdowns, and this was one of them.
the next morning we were so excited to see that santa had left some presents under the tree.
and this little guy was all into it.
he checked out every part of his new red jeep!

mama must have been pretty good too,
because she got a new camera lens.
august wasn't so sure about that big ole thing on mama's camera.
but he wanted to get in on the action too,
with his very own brand new camera.
the stockings were a hit too.
he especially loved all the m & m goodies.
taking a break to watch the christmas story shoot out scene.
(notice august is shooting too with his m & m candy cane!)
i am LOVING my new lens.
thank you babe!!
his first riding partner.


santa's elves

santa elves are winding down around here.

the wrapping is done!!!!cookies have been baked for santa.
and a few last minute gifts are being crafted.
but with a little elf juice,
it will get done.
this beauty is ready to bloom.
isn't it funny how it just knows it christmastime.

wishing you a merry christmas!

for unto you is born this day
in the city of david a saviour,
which is christ the lord. luke 2:11


a winner, an early gift, and the blind side

sorry for announcing the winner a day late,
but i know you guys understand that life happens.

only 5 comments!!
i'll chalk it up to holiday busyness.

the winner is:
#4 - heidi s.
and just because,
heidi, pick out any two things i posted,
and they are yours!!

last night travis and i got out for a movie,
and our babysitters, toni and george,
bought an early christmas gift
this is how much our boy loved it:

and if you haven't already,
and get the chance,
go see the blind side.

a reminder of
how lucky we are,
and how much we have to give
(not only things, but of ourselves).
and not only what a HUGE difference we can make in some one's life,
but the difference that they can make in ours too.
(if you are a crier--take some tissues!)


jahna christmas party

every year the extended jahna family gathers to celebrate the season.
as they say, "it all started when 2 people fell in love."
and it has grown to many, many.
(roughly 80-90 were there, and some were missing!)

we enjoyed a good lunch,
but most importantly visiting and catching up.

august had a blast and especially enjoyed a new found love--
the trampoline.

he and cousin paige jumped, jumped, and jumped some more.

falling down may have been the best!

their was no lack of entertainment:
fuse ball
it requires intense concentration.
the different looks of defeat!
taking in other action:
pool, pinball, slot machine, and table bowling.
some ping pong too!
more jumping on the trampoline
with leighton,
kelsey joined in too,
(this would make a great card!)
and cole didn't want to miss out either.

my aunt cheryl requested some pictures,
and i quote, "not downloaded on the computer,
or on a disk, real ones that i can put on my refrigerator."
so cheryl, this are for you,
and i promise to print them out for your frig!
cousin love, jahna lynn and adrian.
a little less love here:)
a new friend, lee.
adell and andrea.

although the weekend in december and location have changed over the years,
this continues to be a fun family event!