I Got Tagged

While trying to stay warm and cozy this morning, Bonny tagged me! The instructions were:
1. Open the 6th folder in My Pictures
2. Open the 6th picture
3. Explain the picture
I was hoping for a better one while I was following my directions, but this is what I got! This picture was taken October 2, 2007 at a little after 4:08 p.m. I had just given birth to August with NO drugs. Hence the look of pain on my face!! Despite the pain, we had a beautiful and healthy 7 lb boy just feet away getting looked over by the nurses and ever watchful grandparents. Although it is not my favorite picture, it certainly from a truly blessed and special moment in our lives.

To keep the game going, I tag Heidi K., Sarah C., and Leslie B. Bonny and Heidi, could you please pass it on to Sarah and Leslie, since I am new the blog world?

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