Giraffes, Monkeys, and Eggs, Oh My!

August insisted on wearing his giraffes, as mommy wore her monkeys.
Then there was the great egg debacle: Part 2!
(blue dye in the eggs, plus a little shell, too!)

(very cracked, and not much dye left)

Egg debacle: Part 1
Last year I decided to blow out Easter eggs and dye them, so we would have many years of using them. Well, long story short. We used them, but I couldn't keep those ugly things for another year.

Which leads me to . . .

Egg debacle: Part 2
I was going to do it right this year. I even did research on Martha Stewart's website. I mean, if she can't teach you how to do it, then should you even really know how?

Step 1. Dye eggs.
Step 2. Blow out eggs.
(These steps were reversed last year, which led to a sub-par appearance.)

Step 1 went well. Then came the mess. As I was using my nasal syringe (egg usage only), I could feel the egg beginning to crack. Sure enough, the final blow did it - cracked egg number 1. So I tied egg number 2, and it cracked on the first blow, which caused the dye to bleed into the eggs that I was going to cook up in a casserole. Wonder what the science is behind that? Not wanting to fail, I tried egg number three. It caused the most shellage in the eggs. Three strikes and you're out!

So I came up with an idea for my next poor, innocent eggs. I know you are on the edge of your seats, waiting to see how it turns out. I will post pictures as soon as I get more eggs and hit the craft store! Maybe tomorrow?!?


emily said...

That's what urks me about Martha, she makes everything look so darn easy!!!

Katie said...

Did you try blowing them with your mouth??? We did this in High school to make our "babies" (eyeroll) and I remember sticking a needle in and trying to break up the egg in the inside and then blowing it out a bigger whole on the bottom. It seemed to work pretty well. We are actually doing that same thing next week...wish us luck! :)

Laura said...

very cute! good luck with thise eggs!