Two Lesson Tuesday

This probably won't become a reoccurring theme, but I thought I would share my two lessons learned!

Lesson #1 - Don't be afraid to make a recipe your own. I found a great recipe for parchment baked halibut. I guess I starting making it my own early on. The grocery store had talapia on sale, so that was going to be our fish of choice. I was already to go, and discovered that I didn't have enough parchment paper to bake one shrimp, much less two fish fillets. So I went ahead and baked the fish on a boiler pan covered in tin foil (it makes for easier clean up) and topped the fish with pesto and a drizzle of olive oil and chicken broth. I must say that we enjoyed it tremendously! Technically, I guess this is not a new lesson, but just a reinforced one. When I first started cooking, my grandmother told me not to put nutmeg in my apple pie. Reason 1: she doesn't really like it, and Reason 2: if you put in to much, you have really messed it up!!

Lesson #2 - Steamed broccoli ALWAYS steams better with water in the pan. I caught it in time and won't have to buy a new pan, darn!

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