August's To Do List

*eat my one and only breakfast of milk and Cheerios

*rescue a ball behind the quilt rack, but can't figure out how exactly to get out. Yell for mom to come rescue me.

*break mommy's sifter thingy, which has become great for tossing a ball, and chew on the now dangerous handle

*insist mommy put her new black sweater (for Easter Sunday) on me after I drag it through all the white dog hair in the house

*act like I need a nap, but not take one. Instead, throw my blanket behind the crib and laugh at mommy when she almost gets stuck getting it.

*eat traditional lunch of crackers, yogurt whips, and dried fruit pieces

*have mommy wash and dry blankets while I am eating because one of them tried to go swimming in the toilet

*retrieve blankets from dryer and take a much needed nap

*wake up grouchy from a nap

*move the hat rack in front of the door to prevent potential robbers from breaking into the house

*stop by to play with my best friend Brooker while on a walk with mommy

*push Brooker off the tractor and scream when mommy pulls me off for time out

*throw myself on the ground, get up, and run over to try and pull Brooker off the tractor

*go home and pray that Brooker still wants to be my friend

*take a shower (my new favorite thing)

*take Gran a potato for dinner (she wasn't feeling well)

*eat another meal of crackers

*pretend not to like Adell and Adrian with some very mean looks and mommy clutching

*copy Adrian sitting on the floor (warming up to him)

*when asked if Aunt Cheryl is mean, say no. When asked if she in nice, nod yes. (I think I melted a heart with this one)

*kiss Adell and Adrian bye because now I like them again

Note: He completed all items on the list without begin told to! Is he an "angel" or what? Wait. Please don't answer that one!


Heidi said...

love his antics. cute post!

Katie said...

Hilarious!!! Wow, that seems like a list Olivia would make!!! :)

The Revell Family said...

Brooker will always love his very best friend!